The Daddy-Long-Legs Saga.

A saga I live through at least once a month:
Scene: My bathroom. I’m peeing primping.
I look at the wall and see a random Daddy Long Legs wandering up the wall.

SUZ:Well. Look at him go. 
Wandering around like he has somewhere to be. 
Really. Where can he be going? 
Does he have a plan? 
Is he trying to reconnect with his family? 
Does he have a life? An agenda? 
I wonder if his name is Arthur or David. 
Or maybe his name is something crazy like Stephen. That is not Steven, it’s Stephen….just so you know.

DLL:————–no thoughts——-no thoughts——–no thoughts——————-

SUZ: Well, if I kill him quickly, will he feel it? 
Will he worry about his family? 
Will he screech at the top of his daddy long legs lungs: “the injustice of it all!!!”?

And then the moment comes and goes.
I have to serve the injustice of it all.
I actually feel bad.
It is the longest 6 seconds of my life.

19 thoughts on “The Daddy-Long-Legs Saga.

  1. Okay, I am one of those people with many friends who transport spiders and bugs outside. I have absolutely NO problem squishing almost any and all bugs that come into the house. Outside, that's your space. Inside, my space. However, for some reason, Daddy Longlegs is the only one that I will grant a pardon and take outside. I've heard they eat mosquitos so maybe that is their redeeming quality to me.


  2. Just grab him in your hand and put him outside to eat all those mosquitoes that eat you!! He is harmless….and very cute if you look at him closely. They are good bugs!!


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