Friday Letters~Pot plants, fallen feet and throwing money away.

Dear front porch pots,

I’ve patted myself on the back several times this week since I updated you. I exclaimed to anyone that would listen: “I’m a great porch pot planter. I mean, a great porch plant potter!”
Is there a difference? Legally, yes.

Ozzie is partial to my porch pots too. And he’s also a camera hog.

Dear Orhaheel,
I am finally sharing my love for you with my nearest and dearest.
Something most people don’t know about me….I’m never bare-footed. Unless I’m in bed or the shower, my feet are always shoe-d. My arches fell in 1993 and they never got up. This caused years of unanswered joint pain. My ankles, knees and hips hurt constantly until a Dr. figured out my issue.
I’ve struggled with shoes since then. I have a pair of custom made orthotics to wear in my sneakers, but other shoes have been a nightmare. I can’t wear flats or heels. I need arch support and heel cushion at the same time.
I finally found some that I can wear comfortably daily and my collection is growing.

Like most everything that works for me, they are not cheap. But they are NOT the most expensive shoes I’ve invested in either.  But when it comes to my comfort {lack of pain} what wouldn’t I spend?

These are my newest and favorite. If it was legal and not awkward, I’d marry them.

Someone needs to touch up their polish. As soon as they get done paying the electric bill….


Dear Lindsay,
Apparently you think electricity grows on trees. When I came home from work on Thursday, just after you left for work, I counted twelve {TWELVE!!} light switches on in the house, during the day no less.
IF I were to count actual lights connected to those TWELVE light switches, well that would add up to even more lights and my head might explode.
Do you secretly own stock in Florida Power and Light?

FYI: I’d much prefer to spend money on more shoes for myself.

Happy weekend to you all.
Saturday we have prom. And by “we” I mean Lindsay. You know, the girl who likes lights. I’ll be sure to take a picture or TWELVE hundred.


18 thoughts on “Friday Letters~Pot plants, fallen feet and throwing money away.

  1. Anonymous

    My arches are pretty well trashed too and most likely from YEARS of wearing high heels to work every day as well as out dancing on the week-ends. I too wear shoes most of the time. I need orthotics but have not invested the time to go check into them. Cute shoes!!


  2. I will have to check out those shoes! They look amazing and after breaking my foot years ago, I too have to be careful about the shoes I wear. I wear boring tennis shoes or my asics, my Birks or a very cool and only slightly less expensive than yours, Reefs. I love them. Happy Friday! : )


  3. Anonymous

    Love your shoes and that they are comfortableHave fun preparing for prom – I know she will be gorgeous. Be sure to have proper LIGHTING~ ha


  4. I'm glad you have found some comfortable shoes. Perhaps you could raise money for more shoes by taxing Linds by the light switches left on. (But then she might charge you by the prom picture taken, so perhaps we should forget about taxes.)


  5. Yes, you're a good porch pot planter. :-)I think the shoes look great, and personally I'd rather spend more money on good shoes than clothing any time. After all our poor feet have to carry us around all day long…


  6. Oh….the good thing about flat feet is that you can't fall and arch if there wasn't one to start with. I wear Converse and Vans to work everyday…no prob. Parents always ask how I do it all day in shoes with no arch.Good pot plants on the porch! Doggie too!TGIF!


  7. Cute shoes! I have a passion for shoes, and those are cute AND helpful? Wowza. The last brand I learned about that could be both were FitFlops. Do FitFlops work for your feet?I can't imagine what it would be like to be able to wear open-toed shoes all year long…


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