What happens in Vegas….goes on the blog.

My Mom and I had a great trip to Vegas for her birthday.
I’ll give you the highlights. NOT the hair kind, the other kind. 
Isn’t Bev the cutest?
Margarita’s overlooking the Grand Canal in Venice. 
Have you witnessed one of these ‘real’ statues? I have issues not wiggling for one minute….how do they do it?
Mom swears this is the SAME one that she saw here several years ago. 
Me: Mom, how would you know if it is the same person?
Her: I recognize the eyes!
That woman cracks me up…I think they all wear black contacts.
We saw Jersey Boys in Paris!
I purchased the tickets on the sole recommendation from Trip Advisor. I really had no idea what the show/story was about….but I am glad that Snookie nor The Situation were involved. 
This show was so awesome I just wanted to cuss profusely and then marry it. Mom and I both recommend it to anyone who likes good stuff. Do you like good stuff?
We also saw LOVE. A Cirque Du Soleil production set to Beatles songs. 
Bloody brilliant! 
I don’t know those people, but they would not get out of my way for the photo. More than likely they were drunk out of their minds….it’s Vegas after all. 
We stayed at the Mirage….which was weird because when we saw it from a distance, it looked very different than up close. 
I live for cheesy jokes. 
 The birthday girl with her favorite daughter. 
My Mom will make friends with anyone. You should have seen all the characters she brought home when I was a kid…it began with my Dad.
She made friends with these crazy club kids from B.C one morning.

I think she might have been invited to a rage later in the day, so I suggested an new outfit.

Stay tuned….I have a post to share about meeting one of my favorite bloggers while in Vegas!!!
Now you are thinking:
“but I thought I was her favorite and I don’t remember meeting her!”
That is because you were too drunk to remember it…geeze.


21 thoughts on “What happens in Vegas….goes on the blog.

  1. Anonymous

    VERY cute post and VERY VERY cute mom you have. I probably would have chosen to see those same two shows in Vegas, especially the Beatles one. Now…. where did I put my rainbow colored tutu? So funny!!xox


  2. i am still getting over the fact that you can have mexican food at the venetian!!!!!!!!!! if i had only known… looks like you & your mom had a fantastic time!!! yippee!!!! (and happy birthday to her, cuz i know she is reading!!!) and i am excited for part 2… cuz i did see a photo and i am soooooo excited for you!!!! and i want to know the WHOLE scoop 🙂 because… sharing is caring ❤


  3. Looks like y'all had an awesome time! One of my friends & coworkers was there on the 17th…too bad y'all missed each other. You would've had a blast with her and her British husband!


  4. I think that is AWESOME that you and your Mom celebrated her special day in VEGAS TOGETHER… I would have loved to have done that with my Mom –but it never happened… Your Mom is as neat a person as her wonderful daughter… She's beautiful –and I know you are proud of her –as she is of you…Congrats to you both. I'm so happy for you.Hugs,Betsy


  5. Your mom rocks!! The bee doesn't buzz far from the hive =) (see what I did there?!)I should be too embarrassed to admit this, but the first thing I noticed in that first picture was the margarita. I saw Jersey Boys when it when it was here in Chicago years ago. It was freakin' AWESOME! A whole bunch of my family went together, and we were crackin' up the whole time. We ALL said the show was just like spending any other day with our family. Between the swearing and the music, we were right at home! ;-)I'm so glad you and your mom had such a great trip.


  6. That statue person sure looks NOT real. I would've been fooled.I went to Vegas once about 30 years ago. The shows were fantastic, but I don't think I could drag Steve back there. He's definitely not into crowds.


  7. Anonymous

    Your mom is a sweetheart, just like you! Love that you had this trip together. You know John and Larry went to Vegas a few years back.


  8. Looks like y'all had a super fantabulous time! Cirque is really cool…saw the one in Orlando and there really is nothing like it. Sounds like your mom is a character…wonder where you get it?! ; )


  9. Looks like it was kind of the perfect trip!! I adore the Cirque shows I have seen and regret not getting Jersey Boy Tickets when there was a show in town.Gee now you have me thinking a trip to Vegas may be in order!! Wonder if I could get my Mom to wear that Tutu?


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