Under The Tuscan {Floridia} sun

Do you remember that wonderful movie Under the Tuscan Sun?
Well, I am about to reenact it right in my back yard.
Ok, minus the devastatingly handsome, barely English speaking Italian who lives to fulfill my every need.
And by every need, I am referring to house chores.
Lolo’s closest friend is getting married on June 22nd. I know. Lets not go there today.
Anyhoo she is doing a very small, family, country type wedding.
Picture mason jars, cowboy boots, burlap and sunflowers. {We are NOT hosting this event}

Since my garden was winding down (too hot!) Lo and I planted 8 packets of various sunflowers.

We are not sure if they will bloom in time….I asked if we could postpone the wedding for a few weeks to wait for the flowers. I was told no. 

 We planted them on May 2nd, and by May 9th they were already showing themselves to be speedy growers. 
Are they speedy enough?
 This morning.
 Still. I don’t think we will have home grown sunflowers for the wedding day. 
 But Suz will have her own field of sunflowers shortly thereafter. 
 If the birds don’t get them first. 
 Good thing I love sunflowers!



If you think I’m going to share Taylor Swift’s new song ’22’ with you….I’m not.
But it is catchy, like a bad-cold catchy.

Hidey Ho neighbor!
Whats happening in your ‘hood?
The Coach and I celebrated 22 years of marriage this weekend. I know. I can’t believe he hasn’t fled the country by now either.
If he only knew the location of our safety deposit box, then that passport could be all his.
{The upside to ME being the ONLY one who knows where anything is….if only he moved that jar of mayo, he could be free!}

We spent a low key weekend at home….and that suits me just fine. We got quite a few chores done as well as some needed R & R.

I shared this before/after photo on face book….22 years of steadily kicking the azz of those negative marriage statistics.
The after photo was from our Costa Rica trip last summer. Just seeing this picture makes me just want to sob.  Whennn cannn I goooo bacckkk?????
Yeah, I’m a baby like that.

I thought about sharing with you the poem Coach wrote me, but I don’t want to be responsible for any wives who decided shank their non-poem writing husbands.
It’s that good.

So, how was your weekend? Low on the sobbing and high on the R & R’ing?

Woot Woot, it’s already TUESDAY people!