The one where I meet my friend.

During our visit in Vegas, I had the craziest experience!
While wandering through our hotel lobby on Friday night I recognized one of my favorite blog friends from San Diego!!! Can you believe it?

Well don’t.  I’m a big fat liar.

Luckily 4-5 years ago, I stumbled upon her; Juggling Jenn.
And boy does she juggle. Four kids with varying interests/sports, college for herself, pets, work, a husband and a social cul de sac.
I was immediately in love with The Juggling Family. The way they communicate and laugh; well it reminded me of a family I know very well.  I feel as though I’ve watched her kids grow up, spread their wings and fly. She and her other half have raised smart, funny and interesting kids. They (along with my girls) give me hope for the future.

When Jenn saw my post about a future trip to Vegas she immediately stated that “she had a Prius and would make the drive from San Diego to Vegas.”
4-5 hours? To see ME?
Most of my family members wouldn’t make that journey….and that is exactly why they are not on my Christmas card list.

It was like running into an old friend. You know the kind where you don’t see each other for a while and you can pick up right where you left off.

Jenn is just as I thought she would be; smart, funny and cute. One thing she never alluded to on her blog though; she has a potty mouth. Who would have thunk it, she looks so sweet and innocent right? I’m just joshing you, she only has the slightest of potty mouths. LOL!

We met at my hotel, had a few drinks and then headed off to dinner with my Mom. Our visit was only a few hours, but it was so much fun. I worried that her long drive and our short visit would be disappointing for her, but she said it was worth it. And I can tell she is not a liar.

We are hoping to have another visit and to get our husbands together as well….considering as Jenn put it: “They are both great, hard working men with great taste in wives!” 

I couldn’t agree more!

Jenn brings my “blog friends who I’ve met in real life” tally up to four. So, who is next? 


18 thoughts on “The one where I meet my friend.

  1. I love it that you got to finally meet. I would love to meet you too…I often think of planning a trip to WDW just so I can meet you and Dawn. Wouldn't that be fun???


  2. pick me! pick me! oh… wait…but i am SO glad you got to meet juggling jenn! and i loved reading her half of the story too 🙂 and if kay does come to wdw, we'll have to zip on up there!!! xo


  3. Come up our way! It's always fascinating to meet a blog friend in person. We've been fortunate enough meet 7 bloggers so far. We would love to add you to the list.


  4. It was the bomb time. Seriously. Somebody said of that picture, you two look like happy sisters. We are definitely simpatico and the way you describe feeling about my family is the way I feel about yours–and about you. When I look at my family, I am reminded of the campaign slogan, \”We built that.\” I know you know what I mean. This life is a choice. And a gift. One we both treasure.


  5. Anonymous

    How fun and she is cute – I admire her taste in eyeglasses!I'm proud to say that I had the pleasure of meeting you and your peeps – LOVE you all!


  6. She looks like she is a very happy woman! What a treat for both of you and an honor that someone would invest that time into your life. Did you notice that you both are wearing very similar shoes?!!!And I am obviously playing catch-up on commenting again. I read your blogs about your Mom's great birthday trip. So glad she took you along for part of her present!!!


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