Mind reading, shopping for the other team, cleaning up the ickies.

Thank you all for your sweet comments on my last post concerning my Mom’s bday and meeting my blog friend Jenn. It was a lovely adventure.
ONE of my pet peeves is people asking me questions in comments but NOT having their email addresses connected to their profiles.
For all of you; I’ve sent you messages via my mind. Are you proficient with braille?

My other pet peeve is people telling others about their pet peeves.
Are we even yet?


It’s been a week. I’ll not complain because I really have NOTHING to complain about. Being busy is a good thing.
I was on my hands and knees scrubbing within four minutes of my arrival from the airport; someone had pee’d. I’m guessing it was Ozzie by the wide splash zone.


The Coach and I went shopping for work clothes for him on Wednesday night. This is a regular occurrence; with regular being anything between 16-18 months. We find a pair of pants that fit him and we purchase every color in his size we can find. Makes life easy that way. This time we found 8 pairs of pants, a few underoo’s, a belt, a shirt and a few undershirts.
It seems easier to be a man when it comes to shopping. How he can be happy with wearing the same style of pants, shirts and shoes daily does not work with my brain as a woman. I suppose his work clothes are more of a ‘uniform’ whereas mine are work clothes? I suppose men are just easier. I can take back that last statement at any time in the future though. I’m fickle.

A few things I noticed in the underoo section that caused me to gasp.
spanx. FOR MEN.


I also noticed thongs. FOR MEN. I’m guessing these are solely purchased by Mario Lopez and one other weirdo.


Since I started writing this post last night, we had a bit a trauma in our house. Cocoa proceeded to vomit on our family room carpet. And it was a good one if you rate vomit by density. Ewww.
As I was cleaning that {mind you, the rest of the family vacated!} she ditto’ed herself on my kitchen rug.

Thursday morning rain required ‘thunder shirts’ for my sissies. 

Our flooring is 99% stone and wood. So that makes our house 1% carpet. I’m starting to think that Cocoa is part cat. {Cats always puke on carpet!}
She wasn’t looking so swell when we went to bed and I was eyeing my pretty rug in the living room and foyer. I rolled them both up and went to sleep. I awoke at 4:30 and could smell it.
She had struck again. I’ll save you the details because I’ve already overshared, but I cleaned for 45 minutes and I’m still gonna need to call in professionals. {marble is porous!} We delayed her breakfast for a few hours and when she ate she seemed fine. We have no idea what upset her tummy so much, but I’m hoping whatever it was, is gone. Actually, I can see it right there in my grout line.

Happy Friday everyone!
Any plans for the weekend besides making sure your email is connected with your blogger profile?
Thanks for that.


16 thoughts on “Mind reading, shopping for the other team, cleaning up the ickies.

  1. I hate puke. And yes, they have a way of nailing the carpet every single stinking time. With an added 'shot' of putting it right where I might step in it. Nice touch, kitty. : p I hope your puppy is better today. Cuz ew.


  2. Dixie did a walking puke once. Her stomach was upset from some meds the vet gave her so it was bright yellow and in a lovely circle on the carpet in the great room. It was a good day. Not.


  3. my husband refuses to go shopping at all. I just buy stuff for him, and he wears it. He hasn't changed sizes in the last 40 years, so that helps! EWW, I hate cleaning up vomit. Hope your pooch is over the little problem.


  4. I feel your pain. Any time our dogs have accidents (the three \”p's\” – puke, pee, poop)it is ALWAYS on the carpet. It's like they need it cushy underfoot while they defile the rugs…Hope Cocoa is feeling better! 🙂


  5. Anonymous

    Harriet has been icky due to an antibiotic….I'm really tired of cleaning the floor but at least it was in the garage. Ditto cat however puked on my office carpet early this a.m.Hope you all have a pleasant weekend.


  6. Anonymous

    Poor poor Cocoa…. Is your mama saying mean things about you? Bad mama. bad! It's not like you could put your head in the toilet and puke, Cocoa. Bad mama.


  7. I hope Cocoa is feeling better, but I can't help but wonder if you were wishing you were back in Vegas while cleaning up messes. I'm glad you realize we men are so easy to shop for.


  8. It is definitely easier for me to shop than women – – and for them to \”fix\” their hair in the morning, too! However, they do have the bad deal of having to shave every day which is rough stuff.Your poor doggie – – and poor you, too having to clean it. One night our chocolate lab lost his stomach too many times. Gross and nasty for sure. And it's not like we can give them Pepto Bismol.


  9. Ohhh….poor doggie!I have cleaned up so much puke in my life that I am immune to gagging…but people puke doesn't have grass in it…so that makes it easier I think. An advantage of having a kid on chemo…if you can call that an advantage.


  10. i am just CRACKING UP at your weekend suggestion! good for you! yes, please tell everyone to link their email!!!!throw up? ick. worse than meatloaf.


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