You get what you deserve and then some.

Mothers day for instance.

Linds had to work part of the day, so Lolo and I hung out and chilled for a while before running errands and meeting Linds for a late lunch. This is not to be confused with Supper.

Lolo gifted me with a super cute pair of shades. The futures so bright……and she knows what I like. 

 Later on Linds gifted me with flowers, a couple of cute books AND the most special Mother’s day card ever. 

A personalized Thank you card:

If your monitor won’t allow you to read the sweetness that is my child, it says:
Thank you for
NOT being addicted to hardcore drugs and selling us to dealers in the Mexican drug cartel.
Thanks for that, and other stuff, I guess.
I love you Mama Bear!!!!

And since I am such a stellar Mom and I never miss a teaching moment, I had to point out one thing wrong with this card.

You know we live closer to Miami than we do to Mexico, right?
Oh yeah, thank you for not selling us to the Cuban drug cartel.

My work here is done.

22 thoughts on “You get what you deserve and then some.

  1. gotta love a little geography lesson thrown in for good measure!!! you sure know how to teach 'em!!! did lolo get the glasses at work?! i love the case!


  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful day with your girls –at least one of them… Love the flowers and sunglasses… AND that card made me laugh outloud.. Love it!!! Glad you didn't sell those precious girls to anyone!!!!! haHugs,Betsy


  3. I have a feeling that you & your daughters and me & my kids would get along great! SAME senses of humor, I tell you.Maybe she wouldn't have minded the Cuban drug cartel so much. Did you think of that?! Maybe it was only the Mexican drug cartel that would've scared the bejeezus out of her! 😉


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