Cocoa VS {the evil} Sprinkler head

My silly Cocoa  has a love/hate relationship with the many sprinkler heads on our property.

If she only knew this was the SAME water used for her baths….she would run in the opposite direction. 
 The sprinkler finally finished and Cocoa proudly assumed that she had won this battle. 
 Meanwhile, Ozzie basks in the shade. Clearly, he has no beef with the sprinkler heads. 
He will save all his energy for his next napping session. 

16 thoughts on “Cocoa VS {the evil} Sprinkler head

  1. Gotta love the puppies. 🙂 One of ours likes to just lay in the sun – or the shade for that matter – while the other one chases balls, pine cones or whatever else she thinks you might throw for her. Since she's a bit OCD, I wonder what sprinkler heads would do to her…. 😉


  2. it has been so nice to be outside! i'm glad you spent some time out there with your friends 🙂 poor cocoa!!!! has she realized that it was just a calculated retreat yet?!


  3. So funny! My cat is like that with the bathroom sink. She will stick her whole head under the water stream but if she were to suddenly have her whole body under that stream,she would freak. OUT. It's bad enough when one paw gets a little damp. She shakes it like it's got a lobster stuck to it. Cats are funny….so are dogs. ; )


  4. Anonymous

    Our boxers have never been around sprinklers, but they do love drinking from a garden hose when given the opportunity. We had rottweilers at one point and in Arizona we had those pop up lawn sprinklers.. MAN.. did the rotties love those and would run out the doggie door in the middle of the night when they heard the sprinklers come on.. EVIL sprinklers.. LOL CRAZY dogs. Love your pups!!


  5. You're fortunate to have such a vigilant protector to keep those evil sprinkler heads under control. While I'm proud of Cocoa, I admire Ozzie's philosophy.


  6. My husband and I rolled laughing at this. I've had boxers all my life, and he's known most of them. This is definitely a boxer thing! They have the silliest personalities.


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