This I know. I also know that other thing.

I know it’s been a week of this.

No, not just cupcakes and wine.

A sink seeing more action than usual. Our dishwasher kicked the bucket on Sunday.
{RIP you big shiny magic box of goodness}

Although, Linds did have to bake 85 cupcakes for school last night….which also coincided with her coming down with the runniest of noses. I predict 85 more runny noses today. She did not drink the wine. That was all my doing for it is my job.

Anyhoos. I know I love my appliances.

I think my fridge is at the top of my love list, with my clothes washer being a close second….and third? The big shiny box of dish washing goodness.

I really didn’t complain. We knew it was coming. One little thing after another for the last 2 years was going….giving us little signals.

*The display going out. (I know appliance braille so it worked out)
*The door not locking (It’s ok if you know just how hard to shove the door closed)
*The thing starting up on a whim. (It’s ok when you are home and can turn it off & towel off the floor)

The Coach is replacing it on Saturday morning.

And can you believe I never complained about NOT having a dishwasher this week?
Ok, there was that one moment……I know I loathe stuff being on the counter. Clutter freak who?

I’ve been keeping up with what I use. The girls kinda keep up with what they use and the Coach has taken care of the rest.
I know I’m lucky.

Because I ALSO know that dishpan hands don’t look good on me.

I also know that my electrician was here last night and I need a new gang box. But who doesn’t?
And this morning….my plumber told me the flange on my toilet is too low. Geeze, rude much?

I know it is expensive to keep a house in running order. No one told me this when I was a kid and I was ACTUALLY playing HOUSE. Not as fun when you have to dish out $$.

You know I’ll be kissing my new dishwasher come Saturday morning. And then I’ll be cleaning the Burt’s Bee’s lipgloss off of it swiftly….’cause I know I can’t be having dirty appliances.

I know you are all going to have a good weekend. Right?
Kiss the things you love the most…..the people, the pets and that big thing in the kitchen keeping your goodies from giving you salmonella.
Then swiftly clean it off in my honor.


13 thoughts on “This I know. I also know that other thing.

  1. Why is it that there's always more than one thing that breaks or goes wrong? It's never just one single thing… Hope you get the new dishwasher soon!


  2. Anonymous

    Our house purchase of a couple of months ago meant we now own the appliances that came with the house. The refrigerator is perfect other than it could us a few more cubic feet on the inside. We kept our previous washer and dryer since they are only a bit over 5 years old and I do like them. Appliances certainly aren't cheap to replace, but ya… you really ought to do something about that toilet flange. LOL


  3. I'm sorry to hear about the death of your dishwasher, but I know you'll be ecstatic about your new one tomorrow. I must admit you've done a good job training Coach and the girls. I hope no one else in the family comes down with runny noses.


  4. just what the dr ordered…more laughter compliments of you! i'm just sorry you will have no more use for your dishwasher braille…i wondrr if you could offer classes?! do you need wine for the braille?


  5. Anonymous

    Hope the change goes smoothly. AFTER we had a contract on our house, the diswasher started leaking… ugh! We fixed it and I hope they love it!!!!


  6. Sorry about the dishwasher —but it's cheaper than what we are getting –a new roof… Yipes!!!! I love all of my appliances too –but don't use my dishwasher much nor my dryer. WELL–I do use the dryer when I wash sheets and big things like that. But–since we do have a cluttery house —we have our laundry on a rack in the utility room –or hanging in the bathroom to dry. (I'm too cheap to run that dryer much… ha ha )Hope you have a great weekend and hope Linds doesn't get really sick –nor anyone else she is around!!!!Hugs,Betsy


  7. Back in the early days of newly wedded bliss, we had no $$ and thus no dishwasher. Several years in when we had some $$, the first thing I purchased was a dishwasher. Best present to myself EVER!


  8. Oh, I can certainly relate. We are now in that phase of having lived in our house long enough that all the appliances (and roof) we inherited from the previous owners are breaking down. We've done a new stove, dishwasher, and washer and dryer. Yesterday the pool pump decided to stop working. Don't forget that I have the prettiest roof in the neighborhood now. Please god, let my car continue to run for I am out of money. Have a great weekend!


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