Having a Cow

Santa brought Cocoa a cow for Christmas.

She is in the deepest of depths of love with this cow. Whenever we come home, she grabs her cow and heads to the door to greet us. She also does her best impression of a kidney bean while holding her cow; tis she is a boxer.

Can you imagine what I say to her every.single.time?

Me: “Ohhhhh Cocoa, DON’T HAVE A COW!”

And she laughs and says “oh Mama, you are so silly, you know I love this cow.”

We do this over and over, day after day.

Eventually, the Cow’s life will end and he will go to the big toy box in the sky.

But until that time, Cocoa and I will keep up our cow conversation.

I walked past the front door yesterday and noticed the cow….I swear he is looking out the front door. Perhaps he longs for a pasture made of grass and not marble?


That is all.
You are welcome for my brightening of your day with all this useful information.


18 thoughts on “Having a Cow

  1. Cute little cow. Sadly it probably wouldn't survive the day here with our two dogs. They've sent quite a few supposedly indestructible toys to the big toy box in the sky…


  2. Your Cocoa is too much fun. She is that way because she takes after her \”mom\”. You had better hope the cow lasts a long time because how will you cope with Cocoa's depression when the cow jumps over the moon to land in the toy box in the sky?


  3. It's nice that Cocoa has the cow for company when you're not at home, but I think Cocoa may be training her to be a lookout. Does Cocoa get into things she shouldn't while you're gone?


  4. Love Cocoa's friend! While Dixie may have loved to have a cow, she definitely would not have wasted any time in tearing it to tiny, tiny pieces that she would have joyfully spread all over the house.


  5. I love cows :)My dogs never played with toys…but my sister's does so every time I visit he waits for the bag to come out so he can see his new toy :)No cows…but the Gingerbread Man is a fav!


  6. Oh this is so cute! Tiah would've had the cow de-stuffed in no time flat. She has a reindeer she got at Christmas. No stuffing anymore, but she still loves it!


  7. Cocoa has a cute cow toy. Daisy is jealous. She used to have a stuffed chicken that crowed. It was fun while it lasted, but she pulled all the stuffing out. Alas, now she just has to settle for a frisbee.


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