Under The Tuscan {Floridia} sun

Do you remember that wonderful movie Under the Tuscan Sun?
Well, I am about to reenact it right in my back yard.
Ok, minus the devastatingly handsome, barely English speaking Italian who lives to fulfill my every need.
And by every need, I am referring to house chores.
Lolo’s closest friend is getting married on June 22nd. I know. Lets not go there today.
Anyhoo she is doing a very small, family, country type wedding.
Picture mason jars, cowboy boots, burlap and sunflowers. {We are NOT hosting this event}

Since my garden was winding down (too hot!) Lo and I planted 8 packets of various sunflowers.

We are not sure if they will bloom in time….I asked if we could postpone the wedding for a few weeks to wait for the flowers. I was told no. 

 We planted them on May 2nd, and by May 9th they were already showing themselves to be speedy growers. 
Are they speedy enough?
 This morning.
 Still. I don’t think we will have home grown sunflowers for the wedding day. 
 But Suz will have her own field of sunflowers shortly thereafter. 
 If the birds don’t get them first. 
 Good thing I love sunflowers!


20 thoughts on “Under The Tuscan {Floridia} sun

  1. Anonymous

    I love sunflowers but I've never grown any. The wedding sounds very pretty. Our real estate lady friend's daughter got married last fall in Dahlonega and had sunflowers, straw hats, horses etc. Very pretty!


  2. STOP THE TRUCK! You are having a wedding in your backyard. Wow. I am excited for you. I am especially excited for your dogs. Some people don't like growing sunflowers. I think they are pretty. I hope you love them.


  3. @ Life with Kaishon: NO!!!!!I'm done with hosting parties for other people at my house. 🙂 We are helping with the wedding, and when it is done, my house (unlike my brain) will be intact.


  4. I think sunflowers are beautiful. – – And just think – – you could make homemade gifts of sunflower seeds for people for Christmas this year???!!!


  5. Anonymous

    Waiting for our sunflowers to pop above ground….waitin. Waiting….they seem to be slow growing here. Happiest flowers in the whole world. Have fun hosting the event.


  6. The weather here has been so wacky, I still haven't planted a thing. I just yesterday went and finally bought some veggies/herbs/flowers. I can't decide if I'm going to plant them today or not. It's supposed to be close to 90 today, which you KNOW is not cool with this little penguin! Plus, there's a 50% chance of rain. It dipped below freezing several times this month here, so I'll just be happy if that doesn't happen, and kill everything. Oy!


  7. So are the flowers for the wedding or is the wedding coming to your flowers?I grew sunflowers for about 10 years in my front yard. I had a \”scarecrow\” sprinkler system to keep the squirrel and deer away. Then some mean person stole it…so I bought a new one and chained it to the mailbox…and some mean person came by with bolt cutters and stole it. So no more sunflowers….so sad.


  8. My daughter-in-law did the same thing.. They planted sunflowers she could use for the wedding last October… Theirs grew and bloomed so fast –that they were too early… ha… (They bought all of the sunflowers for the wedding.)You all will enjoy the sunflowers SOMETIME.Hugs,Betsy


  9. I love that movie Under the Tuscan Sun! Now I just need Greg to dress up in painter clothes and bring me a bottle of wine and maybe I can reenact….oh never mind! *WinkAnd yes – rude not to wait for your sunflowers. The Chickadees will like them.


  10. We went to a wedding in a barn, with hay bales for seats and an old stagecoach as a backdrop. Horses were whinnying outside as the couple spoke their vows. The bride wore cowboy boots under her old fashioned gown. Although not an urban girl's cup of tea, it was perfect for this particular couple. I didn't see the movie, but I read the book. That Italian dude seemed pretty hot. Hmm, maybe I should see the movie after all.


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