The writing is on the plate

I went through a phase where I liked roosters and chickens.
Ok, I still like them somewhat. I have a few lingering in the kitchen; mind you there are no verbal ‘cock a doodle do’s or poop to step over.
(Lolo wants chickens in a bad way, but she also wants a baby bison)

 A few months ago I was clearing out some clutter and I looked up, saw this plate on top of a cabinet and declared it was the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen.
I said out loud: 
And since I was home alone, only my inner voice answered. Guilty as charged. 
I put it in a box in the garage for donations.

A week later as I passed by the box, and I had a vision:
This could be a bigger version of my pig. 
(excuse messy garage counter)

So I grabbed a can of chalkboard paint and went to town.

It was a matter of days before someone ‘adjusted’ my mantra for the week.
Was anyone surprised?

Bee Kind + teenagers = BeHind

Have a great weekend and remember, to watch your behind ’cause this Mom rules.


Imelda Who?

If you know me, you know I like order in my life.
So, when my shoe shelves started looking disheveled, I worried.
Suz, stacking shoes? 
Do I have TOO Many pairs of shoes?
Do I need to weed them out?
Then I smacked myself silly.
Of course, I don’t have too many shoes.
I have too few shelves. 
Oh thank goodness….this disorderly conduct is not my fault.