Only slightly ashamed

I find myself enjoying things that I probably shouldn’t.  Or perhaps I shouldn’t admit.

*Hoda and Kathie Lee.
I used to flee the room when the real Today show was over and then it morphed into H and KL.
Lately, I’ve found myself laughing with them and not so much at them.
I know.
Even Linds said out loud a long time ago: They get paid do to this show? Really?
Perhaps I’m just enjoying more mindless fluff in my life.
There. I said it.
Bring on the fluff.

I can watch it every day and never get tired of it. Never. ever.
Sadly, I still quote the show. {Coach; he’s my lobster!}

Stop laughing; I enjoy it!

Every Saturday morning, I sanitize our kitchen sink. Similar to how the Fly Lady does it.
It makes me all giddy inside.
Also, whenever someone around here has the sneezies and sniffles, I sanitize all the germ carriers. This weeks germ sharing perp is Lindsay. Some rubbing alcohol and cotton swabs take care of the remotes and phones.
Don’t you love saying swabs? Say it with me: Swabs.

I find this works better than dousing my loved ones in lysol.

*This commercial really gets me going.

Cut and paste:

Are you wondering if it’s the conversation that I love so much?
Nope. I can hardly hear the conversation because my eyes are in heaven.
Those dark floors, fresh walls and lack of clutter.
The part that really finishes it for me are the shiny appliances at the end of the hallway.
Orgazmic I tell ya.
Yep, that commercial does things for me that it shouldn’t.

Surely, I’m not alone here.


15 thoughts on “Only slightly ashamed”

  1. Sometimes I watch Hoda and Kathie Lee too. There I said it. : ) I don't make a point of it, because I hardly ever turn on the tv in the mornings at all, but every now and then I catch them and they are hysterical. I am a washer when somebody gets sick too. When I get sick, nobody else catches it, but when they get sick, I have to wash things like crazy or I'll get it. Love that house too. Very clean and pretty! : ) PS…kid's a whiner, should be glad her mama even cares enough to wash her clothes. lol


  2. I used to watch the show often and sometimes even laughed along with them. One time though I wanted to slap Hoda because she was a total snot.. like she hadn't had enough sleep the night before.. Seriously she sooo annoyed me that day. We no longer have cable television so I can't watch it anymore, but once in a while I check out their website just for grins.


  3. Guess we are lucky (of course, there's just the 2 of us) –but we stay VERY healthy –and get along well with the germs around here… I NEVER sanitize anything much… I care more about what the yard looks like than I do the inside of our home… IF I had the money, I'd hire someone to keep my house cleaned on the inside… GADS–what is wrong with me????? ha ha Hugs,Betsy


  4. I'm a neat freak and Harriet thinks the new carpet is one big pee pad! Help!!!I use a vinegar/alcohol/water mix to clean most everything.


  5. I don't deep clean everything, but I do clean the phones and remotes at least once a week. And I carry hand sanitizer in my car to use after grocery shopping and especially after church (we hold hands during the Lord's Prayer). My husband laughs and tells me Jesus shook hands with the lepers. I respond that Jesus had a better immune system than most.


  6. I'm a barkeepers friend in the sink kinda gal but that bleach idea is a good one. You're on your own with Kathie Lee and anyone else. The is just not enough booze in the world to make me watch them. Friends, however, I still watch on reruns and I can watch Big Bang Theory over and over and over…


  7. I use canned Lysol on my classroom…can't Q-Tip and alcohol that big of a space…and I haven't been sick this school year!! And the fact that 1st graders don't pick their noses as much as kindergartners do.


  8. I have not watched them on TV – – but used to see KL with Regis. I did watch some of the clips and enjoyed them. I may have to record them on DirecTV and watch some shows. FRIENDS – – our girls have watched them over and over and over – – – and we have, too! We don't quote them but our girls will comment on our real life that it reminds them of \”such & such\” episode.I know the commercial without going to the link. That is a beautiful hallway with a gorgeous reward at the end. They play it up well with the way the camera slowly gets closer.I need to let you go after my phone! And computer keyboard, etc. etc.It's always fun to read about regular life when you write it!


  9. i knew i had to get back here to this post when i saw a friends marathon was starting… friday? on tv land? i can't ever get enough either 🙂 was watching it at 3am today…can you come shine my sink?


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