Moving on~Bring it on

Lindsay’s last day of 11th grade. 
My little love child is officially a high school senior. 
{Your Mom My Daughter wears combat boots}
It was just yesterday that I struggled to get her potty trained. If I could go back….well, I suppose having her potty trained came in handy over the years.
{Ozzie does not appreciate the attitude given here.}

We have five colleges to visit this summer, six if you count air conditioning-refridgeration school.
I’m certainly not dissing a/c school. I sure wish someone in this family could repair ours on the annual basis it seems to fall apart. That and a dentist. I need a/c and dental work. 
But who doesn’t?

12 thoughts on “Moving on~Bring it on

  1. Gosh. You're brilliant sending your beautiful daughter to A/C school!Why didn't I think of that.I should have made one become an auto-mechanic, too!She's beautiful, Suz.


  2. Anonymous

    Ozzie looks like he has something he wants to say about all of this. Dental school. Tell her dental school. IF she can stand all those icky mouths!


  3. Isn't it great to have a precious dog who can keep the kids in line? Time surely does fly lots faster than we ever thought possible. Will the colleges be far enough yet near enough from home?


  4. Wow—you and Jeff are going to be \”Empty Nesters\” before too long… But–if Linds stays as close by as Lo did, they will still be around often…Hope she finds just the right school. What will she major in? Does she know yet? Some kids don't know 'til after they get started in college. What is Lo's major???? Amazing that your daughters are all grown up.. Both are such good gals and beautiful… You can be very proud as the parent.Hugs,Betsy


  5. Talk of college visits certainly brings back many memories. I only wish I was smart enough to think of sending one of my kids to become an A/C technician.


  6. senior?!?! {sigh} we should have locked linds & cam in a closet. or closets… not the same one. {ugh!} but hen they wouldn't have grown up, right? love love love her… but what am i going to do for one more year after she graduates and YOU graduate?!?! i think you should add gate-repair school to her list…


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