This, that and the other thing.

I’m sure you were wondering how my baby magnolia trees are doing.
They are doing great and they appreciate the fact that you were thinking about them.

Proof that I do not follow simple directions. (I DO however play nice with others)
After I finished a six pack of these little snackie-snacks (not all in the same day!) 
I discovered the ‘peel corners’ at the top. I suppose my hunger stopped me from fully using my brain? Yeah, lets go with that. 
 I finished this last one THEN I read that it was expired by 6 days.
If you don’t hear from me, I’ve died from guacamole poisoning…..which might be a good way to go. 
Speaking of squashed up avocados…did you see the newest commercial from Subway regarding avocado love? Makes me laugh like a hyena. Which is never musical to the ears.

The other thing

These two are not in the least happy about Tropical storm Andrea. It’s bad enough that it’s been raining here daily since last Saturday….now a storm?

As I wrote that, I’m starting to wonder if the rain all week was because of Andrea? I would never know since I don’t watch the news.

This past Saturday lightening hit our house, knocked out our house phone, our electric gate and parts of our wireless network/whole house DVR thingy. {First world problems!}

I’m not complaining one bit….our home is standing and we are as well.
We are fine. Soggy, but fine nonetheless.

Wishing you a lovely and DRY weekend….filled with good stuff like guacamole and hairy sissies.

14 thoughts on “This, that and the other thing.

  1. Sorry about the lightning strike but so glad the damage wasn't worse. I've tried to learn to love avocado, but I don't get it. Tolerable in a citrus/avocado salad, but otherwise not so much. Stay dry.


  2. Anonymous

    I love magnolia blossoms – they smell so sweet! Brooke came up today and we had Mexican for lunch – guac is my fav treat with chips. You must have really needed in that pkg. FAST!!!!The avocado mobile is a hoot!Hope your weather is good for the weekend. Love to all of you!


  3. Hopefully you will not come down with guacamole poisoning. I also hope the rain has passed and Ozzie and Cocoa are now happy. I'm sorry to hear about the lightening strike on your house.


  4. It has been very soggy up here too.Yeuch.I hope you don't die from guacamole poisoning. But if it's any consolation, I've eaten LOTS of things which were past their best before date too and I'm still standing so don't worry.You're welcome.x


  5. OH My Goodness… Sorry about the lightning strike… Scary!!!!! Glad you didn't have anymore damage..Storms scare all of us, not just the dogs–but we humans as well… Hope you don't get ANY hurricanes this year… AND–I hope you finally get some sunshine.. We need sunshine also since we have had 5 inches of rain since last Saturday (and the storm is nowhere near us)… Hope the snacks didn't make you sick… Yuk!Hugs,BetsyP.S. Love your magnolia bloom.


  6. Magnolias are beautiful and smell wondrous. However, (close your ears), we had ours cut down after a severe storm a few months back. The top of a hardwood tree split off, landed on top of the magnolia which reduced it to half its size. The thing is the magnolia should never have been planted there under the hardwoods. It was denied full sunshine which resulted in puny leaves.You are right about the house being intact but still that's a big bummer. It wasn't that long ago the delivery truck hit your driveway entrance. Things like that are tiring to deal with.


  7. Poor doggies…drat the storm…for once I can make you jealous of my weather…80 and a slight breeze :)Great flowers…and yes, I had been wondering!


  8. My girl opens the guacamole with the scissors and it drives me 'the crazy'. She's a rebel, that girl. Your magnolia tree is so pretty. I have one and it has a few blooms on it. Was just enjoying it last night…while I took out the trash. Fan-say! : ) Your pups are always so cute! : )


  9. I JUST had one of those \”individual\” size guacs last night! So yummy :0So sorry to hear about that storm you are getting, we are seeing a lot of rain up here, but no trama to the house! Stay safe !


  10. not the #@$%&@@#) gate!!!! noooooo!!!!! i thought lightening wasn't supposed to strike twice?! you gotta stop putting tin foil on your roof! i haven't seen that guac… but now i really want to go to publix! death by guacamole? hmmm… not a bad way to go!


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