We love to entertain.

If Our TV is turned on and the kids haven’t stolen the remote, it is usually tuned to HGTV.
{A far cry from those prison shows the Coach and the girls enjoy. }

We enjoy watching house hunters, property virgins, Kitchen Cousins, selling NY and LA etc….Well, I guess you could say we are home voyeurs.  Doesn’t everyone like to see inside other people’s houses?

Frankly, I am usually dissing other peoples choices in stuff…furniture, flooring, counter top choices. If only they had consulted ME first, then they wouldn’t have made all those bad choices.
Can you believe how harsh I am?

Anyhoo. Something I DO notice when others are shopping for a new place they always say:

We like to entertain, we want a large open kitchen.
We like to entertain. We like to entertain. We like to entertain.

Yadda yadda yadda.
I think SOME of them are lying.

Just once, I want someone to tell the truth:

We don’t like to have people over…so, please find us a closed in, dark dreary kitchen where we can secretly devour boxes of little Debbie’s in the middle of the day.

If I hear it just once, then I will be a happy camper.

Our kitchen IS bright and open.

{2009~before I learned how to use a camera-don’t miss those floors one bit}P1030273

Clearly, I have to eat my little Debbie’s in the privacy of my bathroom.

…speaking of me talking to the yahoos on TV…You should sit next to a cabinet manufacturer/granite/stone producer…. and hear what he has to say about some of the shoddy work he sees.

Thank goodness no one can hear us.

Oh, and I have a special name for people who refer to a grill as a BBQ.
That is an entire blog post in itself.

Do you view talk to  HGTV?

20 thoughts on “We love to entertain.”

  1. I don't even know what HGTV is, that's how out of it I am. But then, I'm one of those folks who wants a dark, closed kitchen because I really hate to entertain!


  2. I will confess that I don't watch HGTV, but then I don't watch prison shows either. For some reason most of our entertaining seems to be done on our deck.


  3. HA HA —Never watch HGTV.. Probably the only woman in the world who doesn't… ha.. We do watch those criminal type shows like Criminal Minds or Southland—you know, the bad ones you never could watch when you had kids at home… haWe don't entertain much –unless all of the roses and birds were to come inside to visit… We do meet friends OUT for dinner –but not much entertaining anymore in our OLD lives…Hugs,Betsy


  4. Your kitchen is nice. Ours is kind of dark. And guess what, I DO devour little debbies in the dark. Although, I am absolutely positive, I would devour them in the light too. Darn it.


  5. I watch HGTV all the time too and am so annoyed with hearing the same thing over and over: \”I want granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, an open floor plan, blah blah blah.\” YES, WE GET IT. So do 68 million other people. No big surprises there! I also can't stand hearing all the new catch phrases, like \”en suite bath.\” EVERY TIME, I yell at the t.v., \”YOU MEAN MASTER BATH?!\” My family must love me.Also, don't break up with me, Suz, but I call it a BBQ. Maybe it's a regional thing? No one ever says \”grill\” out here…


  6. so i shouldn't call it a B-B-Q? 🙂 i am sure that no one entertains like you do!!! no one! not even on those fancy shows. your parties (and party favors?!?!?!) are the best! but i am doubting you eat those little debbie's in your tub… next time i am checking those cupboards in the old laundry room!!!


  7. Oh my goodness! HGTV can give me the vapors sometimes! Yes I talk back to those (naive) people that want it all for $75K. Cracks me up every time. And the granite and the hardwood floors and the open floor plan and the..and the…and the…! We like to watch House Hunters so we can laugh at the weirdos. LOL Let's see, there was the lady that needed space for her turtles. And just the other day the lady that did NOT want stainless because it shows finger prints. And the guy who wanted a space to brew beer. And then there is wanting to be close to the bar scene…when in two shorts years you will bemoan the fact that you aren't in the burbs to raise your kids. I could go on and on. We talk to the TV all the time! I would never allow my home to be shown on tv. We live here! And I would never give up control of my house to be remodeled and then be 'surprised'. Never in a million years. Those people are stuck with whatever hair-brained idea those tv 'designers' come up with. No thanks! : ) There was one House Hunters episode just a few miles from me and I love it when it's on. She says the bedrooms are \”too smaaawl\” about a hundred times. I love it! : )


  8. I am sooooo behind on blogs, and am so glad to come here and see that you and the fam are well and happy. I've missed you! So, help me out here: why is it a grill and not a BBQ? Is this an East Coast-West Coast thingy?xoxo Still BBQing in Poulsbo


  9. I think they should make a reality show about us, Miss Bee.The show would consist of us watching all the shows.On the couch.With snacks.Yeah.I really like this idea!


  10. I love to see inside people's homes to see their home furnishings. Being in a new neighborhood is fantastic – I get to see the movers unload furniture!!!I watch HGTV all the time.


  11. I like HGTV, DIY, Food Network, and Cooking Channel – – and Hallmark. About entertaining – – I would rather pay and take you somewhere! Less work and about the same amount of money. I don't mind cooking for my family and I like eating at someone else's house but there is too much pressure having a bunch of people over. It's not as relaxing as family – – – hmmmm – – what's that say about my friends?


  12. Are you sure we are not really sisters? I LOVE HGTV…and for the record, I call dibs on Anthony of the Kitchen Cousins.Yes, yes, yes for the love of all things holy, it is a GRILL. You can make BBQ ON your grill but that requires sauce. Trust the girl from Kansas City. I also have tile from hell in my kitchen. Who decided that white tile was a good idea. Someone who does not cook everyday, that's who.And one last thing…I scream at the TV every time I hear someone on house hunters say that they don't like the color of a room. Good grief. Meet your new best friend the paint brush.Geez. Go on much? That is all. xoxoPS. you are awesome! 🙂


  13. I only watch HGTV at the gym, since I don't have cable at home. That keeps me from yelling at the TV, thankfully. I can't stand it when people are checking out a house, and say, \”Oh, I don't like the color of the walls in here!\” Um…HELLO! It's called PAINT! Go get some!As far as whether I like to entertain or not…let me remind you that I have TWO kitchens. =)And, yes, that \”thing\” in the yard is called a grill! 😛


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