That BBQ issue and DISNEY

Thank you all for the funny comments on my last post regarding the loons I see on  HGTV.
So many of you left long and funny comments that cracked me up. I am hoping to respond to those via email when I have a minute or six.
Some wondered about my issue on how silly people use the term BBQ in reference to a grill.

You can GO to a BBQ.
You can EAT  BBQ.
You can BUY (or make) BBQ sauce.

But you can’t cook on a BBQ….you CAN cook on a GRILL.

Makes perfect sense to me.
But then again, I am a southern lady gal who grew up knowing this from birth.

Anyhoo’s. The girls and I took a quick trip to Disney on Tuesday. We had ONE day left on a THREE day Florida resident park pass… was set to expire on June 16th. 
Can you imagine how our hearts dropped after the three hour drive to hear: 
Your tickets are invalid. 

Yeah. They did. Apparently they have more blackout dates than I was able to locate (easily) on the website and our tickets were nil. zip. nada. 
Kudos to the chica at Animal Kingdom guest relations. She saw our despair and gave us passes for the day. 
Can you spot my girls on this ride? Not with the small camera I brought you can’t. 
This was the face they used at guest relations, before the roller coaster and after. Just kidding. 
I promote dramatics though. 
We had a great time. It rained most of the day and that was a good thing…cause it cooled us from 95* to 87*. We enjoyed all the animals, shows and rides. It is always intersting seeing the kids having ‘breakdowns’ and how some parents react. 
Geeze Mom, is yelling at your crying kid really working? I think NO.
We made our way to the hotel and I asked for a proper ‘breakdown’ photo. 
Normally Lolo would not put her face on the carpet of a hotel, but it was the Hilton. Hilton is known to have better germs. 
We showered off all the germs and had a beautiful dinner at the hotel.
We were up the next morning for breakfast on the road and headed home to our people Coach and critters.
It was a great little ‘girls’ getaway.  I’m so lucky to have girls who love to hang out with me and  a husband who promotes us leaving.

Oh wait a minute….

14 thoughts on “That BBQ issue and DISNEY

  1. I am so jealous that you can just pop over to Disney! Sigh…! But looks like you girls had a great time and kudos to WDW for making it right and letting you girls in for the day! Fun times for you all!!! : )


  2. Ha! I just posted a Summer Bucket List from a friend and one of the items is barbecue. I don't normally call grilling barbecuing, but I caved. Do you spell it BBQ, barbecue or barbeque?


  3. It's great that your girls are drama queens and you were able to get a pass to visit Disney. I haven't been there in ages. It sounds like you had a wonderful time and I hope all of your people were well while you were away.


  4. oh what a fun trip!!! except for the invalid tix…EEK!!!!! SO glad your girls dramatics {taught by you, of couse} were enough to sweet talk your way in! YIKES!!! looking forwad to seeing some of those tantrums this weekend- EEK! i hope they are not all mine…


  5. Yay for a fun girls trip! And I'm laughing about the grill vs. barbecue. We call ours a barbecue, gasp! In our world it's a noun and a verb, lol! We barbecue on our barbecue. Ha! You're never going to stop by my blog again, are you?


  6. The girls must have used some great faces of despair to score the free pass. I'm sure Hilton germs are classier, but they're still germs. But at least you showered after.Ok. Lunch time. I think I'll go out and BBQ on the BBQ…


  7. What a great outing for you and da girlz. They are soooo lovely, and look as if they had a wonderful time with you!Thanks for the lesson on Grills vs. BBQ. I did NOT know that!


  8. Fun! That ride was scary…I took Bella on it when we visited years ago…scared the crap out of both of us! Glad they let you in…that has happened to me before too, but they didn't let us in. So, we did Downtown Disney instead. 😉


  9. LOL Oh how I wish I hadn't missed the opppourtnity to chime in on your last post. We have a great big BBQ in our backyard :)Now your day at Disney!! LOVE! So happy to hear you were set up with some one day passes. Disney really does do it right! Oh and the Mamas who yell at their tired and overwhelmed babies? I don't get it either.Happy Summer!


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