In case of emergency….

Grab your ankles and breathe.

I’m kidding. We’ve not been inundated with emergencies…but we have been inundated with busyness.
The wedding is happening this Saturday.  Sadly,  our sunflowers are NOT ready. I need a week or two…..but the military won’t allow for that.

The Coach is crazy busy with coaching, working and preparing the the feast that includes the wedding. I’m telling ya, that man is amazing. He jumps in and takes on a small task and makes it a major deal…all in the name of being helpful and giving.

LoLo has taken the task of Maid of Honor to a new level. She rocks. I have photos, but can’t muster the energy to mix them with a post just yet. I know. Lame.
Her skills include sewing a ring pillow out of burlap and lace, crafting up an envelope box to match the venue and 50+ mason jar labels and ribbons.

In other news, my crotch orchid is going loco.  If you look back at the original, it was only ONE stem of flowers….now it is FOUR. And I likey!

I hope you are all doing well this third week of June. We have many plans for the summer…..just some small trips here and there. I’m most happy that we’ve got a wonderful house sitter that can take care of the house, the doggies and the cats at one time!


8 thoughts on “In case of emergency….

  1. WoW! What fun the wedding will be…can't wait to see pictures :)Trips planned here too…but not quite yet…kiwi visitors, camp and moving college stuff from storage :)TGIF!


  2. Oh those sunflowers look like they were getting so close!! The wedding sounds like it's going to be fabulous, and as always your family is being their best selves to make is super special! Can't wait to hear all about it!


  3. Weddings are so much fun! I can't wait to see the photos. We used lots of mason jars for my daughter's wedding. For vases and candles. Beautiful for next to nothing. I wish we could grow orchids here. Love it.


  4. I am caught up on reading – – just not comments – – – so I know how the feasting, flowers, etc turned out – – truly amazing results – – – and you will still have your sunflowers to enjoy with your family! I LOVE the orchid!!!!!


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