The one where we almost lose our gate, a car and two of my people.

This last weekend as we were driving home from Orlando the Coach mentioned something about wanting to drive his car.  {he hasn’t had many opportunities to drive it lately}

Me: I think I’m ready to drive it now. {read: It now has a/c}

It’s been over 20 years since I drove a stick shift. And that little Honda that I had was not a 6 speed with  horsepower of any sort.
Guess what? It’s like riding a bike.
And I’m pretty damn fantastic on a bike!
I didn’t stall out. I didn’t run anyone over.
I’m pretty much a professional driver.

LoLo rode in the back seat while I drove and asked 27,000 questions. She has been wanting to learn stick since he purchased this puppy.
They planned to go to an open/empty parking lot the next day, but just for sh*ts and giggles, lets test a little in the driveway.

She was   t  h  i  s  close to slamming into the gate. Coach grabbed the steering wheel.
Ok, maybe I’m being overly dramatic…..but we know that hardly ever happens.

When she got out {unscathed} I asked if she forgot there are NO power brakes?

Lolo: No, it wasn’t that. I was so focused on the clutch and the gas, I forgot I was ALSO in charge of the brake!

Oh my. That was a close one.
I’ll let you know when she takes it to the streets….that will be a good day to stay inside.

The one where I’m almost tired of traveling.

The fam damily and I went to Orlando {again} last week. That was our fourth and final {fingers crossed} trip there this summer.
I didn’t visit any theme parks this time. No college visits. No agenda for me.
The kids {my girls + their boyfriends} went to the Universal parks for 2 days.
The Coach was coaching his travel team each day.
What did I do? 
I walked the ‘hood.
I read a book while sitting in the pool.
I watched a few movies that scared the poop out of me. (The Call & Panic room)
I introduced the kids to The Breakfast Club. 
I cooked dinners for our peeps.
I took a nap one day.
I was   t   h   i   s  close to being bored.
It was blissful. I’ve never been  t   h   i   s  closed to being bored at home. never.

I brought my camera, but never took it out of it’s bag….I was so relaxed and my camera just looked too heavy of a burden at the time.
I took a grand total of two photos with my phone, both almost identical to this:

We came home to our pool pump being stuck ON and our water being NOT ON. (we have a well, with an R/O system)
…the story of our lives….this house is demanding of time and money.
I’m ready to sell this compound house and move to a small condo.  Or perhaps I should join a cult…that wouldn’t require much work would it? Nah….I don’t like being told what to wear.
  Anyone want to rent a room to this crew?