Gittin’ the young-in’ edumacated

We started off our summer vacation this year with brain work. We toured two of the schools on Lindsay’s college list. These are not her ‘dream’ schools, but they were on her ‘maybe’ list.
I’m still not prepared about her going away to college; yes, I am one of ‘those’ Mothers. 
Flagler College in St. Augustine. I searched everywhere for that fountain of youth, but it has alluded me. Actually, I think Linds is sitting next to it….and apparently she drank it all. She just turned 57!
As we waited (and waited and waited) for our tour to begin, the Coach had a few (100) wise words. 
 The school is chock full of history. What does chock mean anyway?
See, I did NOT attend college.
St. Augustine is a sleepy little beach town with a ton of ghosts. 
The girls dorms are located in the old Ponce De Leon Hotel. I’m pretty sure that ole Ponce DID not stay here, but some other notable people did. I’m positive this is the ghost headquarters of the town. 
 No two rooms (dorm rooms) here are the same and most of them have (non working) fireplaces. 
 It was quite grand inside. This is the ceiling of the rotunda.
{I learned that from HGTV and not college}
 We had possibly the dorkiest of tour guides and were accompanied by more than dorky families asking the silliest of questions. (What kinds of soda do you sell here? Is there a curfew?) We were thankful when the tour was done and we could poke fun at all of them. It’s what we do.
The next morning we toured a MUCH bigger school. Still not her dream school, but it was very nice. 
 Flagler was so small, a map was not necessary. 
I guess if one ever got lost here, you could just follow the $$.

Two days of me being in at College and I was exhausted. A vacation was necessary. 

Plus, I had to wash my toga {toga!toga!toga!}
Remember when I said I didn’t want Linds to go away to college? Well after 8 days of traveling together, I’m packing her bags. LOL!

Today: back to the grind!!


17 thoughts on “Gittin’ the young-in’ edumacated

  1. The dorm at Flagler looks amazing. And if she went there I would go visit, because St. Augustine is on my list of places I definitely want to visit.I'm ready for YS to leave, although I have a feeling he's going to come back after the first semester due to a certain young lady who is going to the big university close by.


  2. Ahhh touring Colleges! I have just helped my oldest decide on a High School and it was exhausting, can't imagine the emotional rollercoaster you must be on. Thank goodness those dorky people were on that tour to help lighten the mood 🙂


  3. I don't want her to leave.Those dorm rooms alone might be what made me pick that college. WOW! Gorgeous. Stop making fun of tour guides. Or families.I think finding out what kind of soda is sold is very important. Perhaps their family works for Pepsi or something like that.


  4. Seriously…my daughter decided not to attend U.C. Davis because the tour guide was such an idiot- way beyond dorky- I cannot believe she represented the school!Have fun on the rest of the tours…when do you see the ones on the YES list?


  5. 🙂 haha!!! packing is NOT fun! and seriously, can you believesome of the questions?! i'm sorry… whoever said there was no such thing as a stupid question was WRONG! there are a few. and timing is everything 🙂 glad you waited to make fun til after you were out of the group!!!! looking forward to seeing more fun, fun, fun!!!


  6. Doesn't sound like Flagler is the school for her. My brothers used to live in St. Augustine –and we loved to visit them there. In fact, one brother worked for the City of St. Aug –so his office was near Flagler College I think… I love St. Augustine–and all of its history.Hugs,Betsy


  7. 8 days with three women together and the husband/father – – – oh my! Flagler does look gorgeous but there has to be more than beauty – – – but if you daughter went there, she could only enhance the environment – – – like another diamond on a ring!!!


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