The one where we fall in love with an old city.

Remember last year when we had that beyond awesome vacation in Costa Rica? Me too.
This year we decided to take it down a notch or 200. Plus, if we keep treating our kids to over-the-top trips, they’ll never leave us.

As a family, we had a hard time coming up with a vacation destination this summer. pitiful
Finally, I told the Coach to come up with something and book it…..and he did.
We continued north after our two school visits in St. Augustine and Jacksonville to Charleston SC and then south again to Savannah, GA. 
 He found for us, deluxe accommodations in the heart of Charleston; a boutique hotel.

We had our own porch/balcony/verandah/patio. Whatever it was, we enjoyed it. 
 The hotel had a nice rooftop area as well. Lolo taunting the ‘Don’t throw butts over the railing sign’
 Our breakfast was delivered to us each morning in a cute basket. “Pic-a-nic basket boo boo?”
Fo’rizzle. We did not want to leave. We had breakfast delivered, wine & cheese in the evening, milk & cookies before bed….and drum roll…….a washer & dryer in our suite! BINNNNGGGGOOOO!
Our upstairs master suite was deluxe…..and I fell in love with the unique bathroom. 
All in all it was a great place to stay. We were minutes from the main drag that included shopping, eating and sightseeing. 
 I have another post about the sights that we saw, and I’ll share that next week. 
I don’t want to bombard you with too much at once. I know how delicate you are.

Just a little FYI. We are selling our house and moving to Charleston. 
I know I said that last year regarding Costa Rica, but really, we are going to be splitting our time back and forth.
Will you be able to keep up with me?

17 thoughts on “The one where we fall in love with an old city.

  1. Anonymous

    What a pretty place to spend vacation! Love all the unique architectural features….(can you tell I watch too much HGTV??!!) Hope you guys have a nice weekend.


  2. Nice place to stay. Sounds very convenient, too. I bet now you want breakfast delivered to your door every morning. Funny sign. I'd have thrown my butt anyway.


  3. Ok. You're going to have to email me the name of that place. It looks fabulous! We love Charleston, as you know, and love to visit often. That sign is hilarious! You have to tell it straight up to some of those college kids. 😉


  4. I've been to Charleston several times, and I really love the place, especially the historic district. It would be hard to find a better place to spend a vacation.


  5. Puts the hostel I will be staying in in New York to shame….but I bet it costs the same.Looks like you had a wonderful time…hope you didn't get fined for throwing butts over!


  6. That Coach is a GREAT guy! He has superb taste (but we knew that because he chose YOU to be his MRS.). Your accommodations look perfect for everyone in the family. Sounds like a fun trip! When is he booking your flights out to the North West?


  7. We are in the same \”can't figure out where we want to go on vaca\” boat. Hate it! We might make a run up to Colorado Springs, but it's not much cooler there than here, so dunno. But we definitely need a break. Glad you found such a great place. *jealous*


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