The one where she is no longer a teenager.

I hate to sound like a broken record, but where does the time go?
Lolo left her teenage years in the dust this weekend.

I got out the ‘celebration’ plate and before I could write on it Lolo did.

I won’t go on and on about how wonderful she is; been there, done that. 
 A low key weekend. She worked all of Saturday, (her actual day of birth) we had some food delivered and she had prezzies to open in the evening. 

 She is excited about getting gifts….and surprisingly, the power puff girls paper made her happy too.
We rented a movie and chillaxed.
Sunday was going to be a larger get-together/pool party. We DID sit in the hot tub for a while….IN.THE.RAIN. 
{I’m over being soggy}
A nice dinner with all her requests: Steak, sweet potato chips, fried pickles and green beans with almonds. 

And since one cookie cake isn’t enough, there were two. 
 I bet you are wondering which of these I baked. 
If you guessed the top one you’d be wrong. If you guessed the bottom one you are also wrong. 
The ‘kids’ played Corn hole. 

 They played….and they ate.
 yeah, they ate. Would you believe that I did NOT eat one piece of the cookie cake(s)? I don’t enjoy cake or cookies. I’m a loser like that. 
I heard at least 14 times this weekend: BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!
Yes, my Lolo is full of awesome-sauce. 
IF you cut her, she will actually bleed awesome-sauce…but I’d advise you to NOT cut her; she carries a knife and mace. You know, just for the fun of it. 
Next year, Vegas. Or so I’m told. I’ll believe it when I see it. 

18 thoughts on “The one where she is no longer a teenager.

  1. Happy Birthday to your baby. You don't like cookies or cake? Are you serious. Dear Lord in Heaven, why oh why, couldn't you let me have that affliction. I wish I didn't like sweet things.See, your statement about the cookies and the cake deterred me from all the other comments I was going to make about the lovely children, your hard working girl and the wrapping paper. Darn it.


  2. TWO cookie cakes? I hope you saved me a slice!!!! I think you should tell her you'll take her to vegas for her bday when she turns 70! that is the tradition now, right?! oh gosh… just picture that for a sec xoxo


  3. It sounds as if Lolo had a wonderful and happy birthday weekend. It's probably a good thing you don't like cookie cakes — it looks like they disappeared quite well.


  4. Looks like Lauren had a fabulous birthday weekend… Love the cookie-cakes… I would definitely eat a piece of that!!!!! I would choose cookies over cake anytime…Can't believe that your girls are really growing up… Won't be long 'til they are both in college…. You'll have an empty nest!!!!Hugs,Betsy


  5. I know you all are light-hearted but I think back over what we have considered old over the years. I had a friend lament the fact she was a QUARTER of a CENTURY old at 25. I remember in high school thinking over 30 was old. The only number that has \”bothered\” me is turning 60 a couple of years ago – – but now that I am 62 – – it's great because I'm getting back some of the cash I put into Social Security!!!


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