Making a Masterpiece

While we were on vacation, my MIL had a birthday. 
{Coach’s Step-Mom}
She is always so good to all of us and makes a big deal out of our birthdays. 
 Before we left I told her we had something planned after her day. She was excited as were we.
Girls Night! We took her to dinner and then on to being an artist!
 Not one of us is really artistic. Ok, Lolo is VERY artistic. But for Judy and I, we added wine and voila’: Artists!
 We were given step by step instructions….but NOT color by numbers. Promise.
All four of us loved our finished pieces. “Genie in a bottle”
Good news travels fast because the next morning we received a call from Christie’s auction house wanting our art work!
If you have a place like this in your town; go and have fun. We did!

14 thoughts on “Making a Masterpiece

  1. Wow—I didn't know that wine would make us instant artists… I would have tried that long ago. ha ha All four of you did well with your paintings…. SO–it sounds like MIL had a great day!!!Hugs,Betsy


  2. We have a place kind of like this and I see posts and pics on FB about it, but I've never tried it. It looks super fun though. What a memory you all made. Love it. : )


  3. They came out beautiful! Question – – where do you hang three of the same pic? Or do you store two and they have to take them with them when they move out? The best part is each time you look at the work of art, you will remember the great time you had painting it with your precious family.


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