15 thoughts on “I never promised them a rose garden.

  1. I love sunflowers! Nadia planted quite a few of them in her veggie bed, but sadly not a lot of them germinated. 😦 Either that or the chickens ate the seeds…


  2. Sunflowers are happy flowers!!! I am getting tickled at the dog and cat though. They are keeping an eagle eye on you to make sure you don't stray too far from them.


  3. My daughter-in-law loves Sunflowers like you do.. She has some in her yard –and they were featured everywhere in their wedding last October… Yours are gorgeous. George and I will go to Biltmore in August to see the rows and rows of sunflowers…Hugs,Betsy


  4. Anonymous

    There is a farm in the area that would plant sunflowers every year until the past two years. I decided we needed a few just outside our garden fence this year and not one of the dad blamed things came up!! I was extremely disappointed and will have to try something different next year. Not even ONE came up… Waaaaah.


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