Still crushing on SC and spreading the word about hugging safely.

Yes, I’m still going on about Charleston; a little city full of ghosts history.

Cemeteries that are pretty are NOT scary.
Cool homes. 
Lots of color; flowers and buildings. 
We even saw Mary Poppins; except this Mary Poppins doesn’t fancy kiddos. 
We couldn’t decide if we wanted to purchase this one..
Or this one. Think of the tree hugging climbing possibilities. 
The girls took some time to read; that makes this an educational vacation. I’ll be sure to write this off on our taxes….
Lolo and I ventured into a really cool cemetery that was also a gorgeous garden.
See: gorgeous!
We visited a plantation…cause that is what you do here. . The driveway was breathtaking.
The girls were in love with the big trees. I always say, loving trees will never hurt you. 
No STD’s or unwanted children….so LOVE on people!
A father-daughter moment. 
This is what my 2nd pretend house looks like. As if…I can’t even keep up with my first pretend house.
They had a butterfly garden here too. Lo and I loved it. I won’t share a photo of the butterflies we spied who were gettin’ jiggy wit it….because that is rated R. Or B. Or something.
I asked Coach if he could build an enclosed garden like this for me. 
His reply: Of course!
The girls had their first Ne-Hi sodas.
And of course….an moon pie!
The ne-hi soda/moon pie combination ensued a sugar high minutes later….I then locked them in the tobacco house.
Kidding. The surgeon general said that would be a bad idea.
Ok, there. I’m done with South Carolina!
One thing I didn’t take a photo of was all the streets and sidewalks. Our family lovingly referred to them as ‘ankle snappers’. {very bumpy and uneven-The Busy Bee family is known for weak ankles}

Luckily, none of us fell. This time. 

So, when is the last time you visited a cemetery or a plantation, hugged a tree, saw butterflies doing the dirty or drank a NeHi?
Spill the NeHi beans.

Linds and I are off to visit another college today and tomorrow…wish us luck!

20 thoughts on “Still crushing on SC and spreading the word about hugging safely.

  1. Gorgeous!!! Once day I would love to go there and see it all for myself. If coach builds an enclosed garden for you, send him up may way – I'd like one, too. 😉


  2. Anonymous

    Have fun this weekend. Love the homes, trees, gardens etc. in Charleston and Savannah. I remember hobbling along on the brick streets in Savannah a long time ago.


  3. Anonymous

    You need the big white house with the tree. I could totally see you sitting in that tree with your southern belle dress on and white pantaloons showing as you sip sassafrass, or maybe Nehi? What a great vacay you had!


  4. There's so much to do and explore in Charleston. We still have things on our list to see and do. A Nehi and a moon pie? Haven't had them since summers at the lake when we'd walk to the little store on a lazy afternoon.Memories…singing that like Barbra Steisand, of course.


  5. I lived near Myrtle Beach for three years, and often visited Charleston. Your pictures brought back many wonderful memories, although I never did see Mary Poppins when visiting. If I had to guess I would say that the plantation you visited was Boone Hall.


  6. Don't ever be \”done\” with Charleston. You can go back again and again and find old but new to you things every time. I drank plenty of Nehi as a child but I didn't even know they still manufactured them. I frequent cemeteries on a regular basis.


  7. You have been so busy doing super fun things while I have been busy not doing super fun things.Happy Birthday to Lolo! Charleston = on my bucket list. Cookie cakes? Send me your leftovers–I never met a sweet I didn't like.Doesn't Linds want to look at any colleges in San Diego?!


  8. Their first Nehi – – really? I like the grape.Beautiful, beautiful scenery – – so glad you are doing some sight-seeing while seeing some college sites. It's memories!As beautiful as the enclosed greenhouse is, do you really want more work? If you did that, yours would be even prettier because you have a beautiful yard and garden now.


  9. Hi There, Love seeing your Charleston photos. It really is an interesting old city –and I LOVE those old homes. Love your little Mary Poppins… I also loved the father/daughter moment. And those treehuggers are adorable…. Glad you had a great trip….Hope the college visits go well also…Hugs,Betsy


  10. Beautiful! I want to visit, too!Last time I went to a plantation was Oak Alley Plantation outside of New Orleans, about 7 years ago. GORGEOUS. In fact, the walkway up to the plantation looks exactly like the tree-lined driveway you showed here! Seriously. Google it. Don't roll your eyes at me, Suz. 😉 Glad you had a wonderful trip!


  11. The last plantation I went to was Oak Alley outside of New Orleans. Gorgeous! The walkway to it looks just like the tree-lined walkway (driveway?) you posted here. I'm serious. Google it. Please don't roll your eyes like that. They may stick that way.Glad you had an awesome trip!! 😉


  12. I've never done the Southern trip extravaganza, but it looks like you all had great fun. Family vacations are so important, especially when the kiddos start to fly the coop for college. We need time to really reconnect, and it's awesome that you do that as a family.The tobacco house looks in serious danger of collapse. So funny that they propped it up that way – imagine the architect/builder rolling in his grave from embarrassment! (\”Oops, forgot the mortar/foundation/level on that one!\”) Yet it's still standing – sort of.


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