The one where I’m almost tired of traveling.

The fam damily and I went to Orlando {again} last week. That was our fourth and final {fingers crossed} trip there this summer.
I didn’t visit any theme parks this time. No college visits. No agenda for me.
The kids {my girls + their boyfriends} went to the Universal parks for 2 days.
The Coach was coaching his travel team each day.
What did I do? 
I walked the ‘hood.
I read a book while sitting in the pool.
I watched a few movies that scared the poop out of me. (The Call & Panic room)
I introduced the kids to The Breakfast Club. 
I cooked dinners for our peeps.
I took a nap one day.
I was   t   h   i   s  close to being bored.
It was blissful. I’ve never been  t   h   i   s  closed to being bored at home. never.

I brought my camera, but never took it out of it’s bag….I was so relaxed and my camera just looked too heavy of a burden at the time.
I took a grand total of two photos with my phone, both almost identical to this:

We came home to our pool pump being stuck ON and our water being NOT ON. (we have a well, with an R/O system)
…the story of our lives….this house is demanding of time and money.
I’m ready to sell this compound house and move to a small condo.  Or perhaps I should join a cult…that wouldn’t require much work would it? Nah….I don’t like being told what to wear.
  Anyone want to rent a room to this crew?


12 thoughts on “The one where I’m almost tired of traveling.

  1. Anonymous

    Curious… do you kennel your pups somewhere when you travel or have someone come to the house and pamper them? Just wondering. We have only kenneled ours once and they had a good experience.


  2. Sounds like you need a vacation to get OVER all of the vacations you have had!!!!!! ha ha …. What–no trip to the mountains this year????? Maybe you should do that in the Fall when the leaves are pretty….I had a good friend who went home after a vacation and found that lightning had hit their home.. They lost most all of their electronics (AC/computers/fridge/internet/phone, etc. etc. etc. SO—glad that that didn't happen to you all!!!!!!SMILE–life is wonderful. Right????????Hugs,Betsy


  3. I find it hard to think of you being bored. Could you keep your garden if you moved to a condo? Hopefully your home won't demand too much time or money t get the pool pump fixed.


  4. If you were in a commune, would you have sister-wives to help with the work? But then would you have to share the Coach with the sisters? Nnnnooooo!I'm happy for your peeps that they had such a sweet and agreeable, relaxed chaperone with them. Not everyone is so lucky. You are one cool mom.


  5. so glad you had time to do nothing!!!! I did nothing at home this weekend, too… took time to play 🙂 but now that you are back from travelling we need to make a lunch date. i was hungry last week… now i am starving!!!


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