The one where we almost lose our gate, a car and two of my people.

This last weekend as we were driving home from Orlando the Coach mentioned something about wanting to drive his car.  {he hasn’t had many opportunities to drive it lately}

Me: I think I’m ready to drive it now. {read: It now has a/c}

It’s been over 20 years since I drove a stick shift. And that little Honda that I had was not a 6 speed with  horsepower of any sort.
Guess what? It’s like riding a bike.
And I’m pretty damn fantastic on a bike!
I didn’t stall out. I didn’t run anyone over.
I’m pretty much a professional driver.

LoLo rode in the back seat while I drove and asked 27,000 questions. She has been wanting to learn stick since he purchased this puppy.
They planned to go to an open/empty parking lot the next day, but just for sh*ts and giggles, lets test a little in the driveway.

She was   t  h  i  s  close to slamming into the gate. Coach grabbed the steering wheel.
Ok, maybe I’m being overly dramatic…..but we know that hardly ever happens.

When she got out {unscathed} I asked if she forgot there are NO power brakes?

Lolo: No, it wasn’t that. I was so focused on the clutch and the gas, I forgot I was ALSO in charge of the brake!

Oh my. That was a close one.
I’ll let you know when she takes it to the streets….that will be a good day to stay inside.

18 thoughts on “The one where we almost lose our gate, a car and two of my people.

  1. Wow. Close call. And you got it on video! I won't ask what your husband said. I learned how to drive on a stick shift. Amazing how it is like riding a bike. My husband says I could drive an 18-wheeler. 😉


  2. I almost couldn't read this just cuz of the title… that gate is DOOMED!!!! DOOMED!!! yes, I said it agai, in case you missed it the first time!!!!


  3. Growing up in Germany, I didn't know anybody that drove an automatic. Everybody drove a stick shift, including me. So, when we bought our first automatic and I drove it for the first time, I went for the clutch – except there wasn't one. I stepped on the break with both feet and nearly send hubby and myself flying through the windshield. 😉


  4. My favorite thing about this video is you LAUGHING at the whole situation. I'm fairly certain I would have been SCREAMING. I'm sure in a week or so, LoLo will be an old pro!And, yes, it IS like riding a bike. Magnum taught me how to drive stick on his first Mazda, in an empty mall parking lot. That day ended in LOTS of tears, but once I got the hang of it, that was my favorite car to drive! It got a little difficult when I was pregnant, since it was hard to reach the pedals, but the day I gave birth, I drove myself to a dr. appt. in the morning in that car. Good times, good times…


  5. From the sounds of the gear shifting, she didn't pay TOO much attention to the clutch either. :)Both my kids first learned to drive with a stick shift. They were amazed when they finally drove an automatic.


  6. My favorite part is hearing you laugh (and snort a little?) about it. Learning to drive a stick shift takes practice; I remember my dad yelling in fear at my older sis: \”Clutch! CLUTCH! You're going to RUIN THIS CAR!\” At least we didn't hear anything like that on your video! Your Coach really IS a good coach.


  7. I taught my daughter to drive on a stick shift, so you know why I have so little hair left on my head. She did pretty good except for one time when a building jumped out in front of her.


  8. My dad TRIED to teach me to drive a stick in his VW Beatle, but alas, I am a terrible mess at it, so he gave up while his car was intact. The end. No more sticks for me. I'm glad your gate survived, but I'm glad you could laugh about it even if it didn't.


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