I’m shocked that you forgot…but a nice log cabin will make up for it all.

Ok, I’m a little shocked that I forgot.
Last week I had my 5 year blog-oversary.
I started this little baby to keep my Mom up to date.
You know, having a blog is free, but those phone calls add up!

Who knew I would meet people who I actually like?

Blogging and blogging friends have opened up my eyes to a lot of things.
Raising chickens for instance.
No, I’ve not raised any, but I have had dreams that I did.
I envy you chicken raisers.
The Coach and I have had many conversations about raising chickens.
Instead of doing it, we went to Costco and bought a bunch of eggs.

And don’t get me started on the cooking and the home-improving.
Thank you for all of that.

I have made some long lasting friendships; you are some very special people.
You know who you are; your notes and comments always brighten my day.

I’ve met a few of you in person.
I’m sure you can attest that I’m even better in person.
Hard to imagine.
But go ahead, attest already.

You lurkers? I’m not so sure about you.
Everyday, the same ones visiting me. I know nothing about you except you are consistent.
You could be teddy bear wearing, underwater basket weaving ex-convicts living in your Mom’s basement for all I know.
And that is exactly how I imagine you.

Five years is a big deal in case you didn’t know.
A traditional 5 year anniversary gift would be wood.
So, I’m thinking a nice sailboat? You can choose the color of my sail.

If you prefer to go modern,  that would mean you’ll get me silverware.
Hey, lets not get so modern, stick with traditional. I’ve got enough silverware.

Oh wait, I don’t even want a sailboat.
You know what I want?
A log cabin. That is all wood.

I’ll even give you a few choices.

This is pretty. 
But I might need a housekeeper. Once I retire, I’m retiring from cleaning. I might not even shower myself. I’ll have a personal shower-er. (Preferably a blind shower-er)

This is quite sweet.
But, it might be too small for the Coach and I. I still need my space. I hope to NOT hear football games, UFC fights or prison shows blaring from his TV.
This might be the perfect combo said Goldilocks.  
I love the front porch. I could sit there and have some peace and quiet…..and also, I could boss someone around from there too. 
This is actually Jack Hanna’s cabin….I hope he takes all his critters with him after you buy this for me. 

Ok, so I’ll be expecting you guys to pull together your funds and kick Jack Hanna out of my cabin.
Thank you very much!
Ok, that might be asking too much.
How about you promise to recycle all plastic and Styrofoam for the duration of your life.
Then we’ll be even!
FYI: I wrote a really cute post this week, but Blogger decided not to let it be published. 
Has anyone else had issues with the publishing portion of blogger?
I actually wanted to shank someone….not a surprise there. 

I know it is not politically correct, but I wish people came with labels.

Has anyone else watched the series Top Of The Lake? I had not heard of it until I saw Elisabeth Moss (Mad Men) on one of my favorite indulgences Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens on Bravo
Anyhoo’s the series peaked my interest;  mostly because I could watch the entire season at once. And since I seem to ONLY watch an entire series of shows now in lieu  of one a week, I searched for it on netflix.

It is a great series, very intense with some weird characters.  I’m a fan of weird.
I watched it over the course of a few weeks.

(I do most of my tv viewing while exercising, so I can justify it completely)

{being in the vicinity of my weights & bike IS exercising right?}

The funny thing about this show was that I had a hard time understanding the characters when they spoke. I kept saying to myself and out loud. 
I don’t get British-speak. Why do the English talk so darn funny?

My inner self replied: Because they are not from these parts!
My inner self is judgemental and kind of b*tchy.

I would have to rewind a few times each episode to try and figure out what the heck they were saying.

Then I noticed some of the characters kept mentioning to another:
“You should go back to Sydney.”
“Things are better for you in (and?) Sydney.”

Me thinking: Who the heck IS this Sydney character, I haven’t seen her!!
Then one day (after episode 5) I googled the show to get some information on it and realized they were not speaking British.

Wait for it.

They were in New {freakin’}  Zealand.
If you have seen any of this show, you can tell from the gorgeous views that it is NOT England.
Me? It took some time.

Not only did I have the wrong country, I was on the wrong flippin’ continent!


This reminded me of a little funny from a few years ago.
My friend Dawn and I were volunteering at a huge band function. We had a walkie-talkie and had to communicate with another parent that was located across the school to coordinate bands coming and going off the field.

I had a hard time understanding this man and I asked Dawn:
What country is he from?


Nope, you can’t get anything past me.