Our Island Time

We have lived on the West coast of Florida for 16 years and for 16 years I’ve wanted to visit Sanibel-Captiva Island. 
But for heavens sakes….it is an 1 1/2 hours away!
Never mind the fact that I’ve been to Europe, Costa Rica (x2) and various places across the U.S…
I could only focus on where I haven’t been. 
 Sadly, Lolo had to work, but Linds was able to entice a girlfriend to join us.
She wasn’t hard to entice by the way. 
We spent our first day by the pool. Mostly in the kiddie pool because it was covered with shade.

Did you know my child wears sassy pants? She also wears sassy bikini’s…..and is sassy whenever possible. When I got my camera out, she grabbed the nearest beer can. 
 {empty beer can, not emptied by sassy underaged drinker}
We had a view of the bay from our room. Which was great until I realized the rooms across from us had a view of the Gulf. Now, I’m angered. {not really} 
 We joined our friends from the east coast…you know the famous ones with the awesome superboy. 
 Captiva island is gorgeous. 
But doesn’t that look like a monkey in this photo? I wish I had paid more attention….maybe it was a rare captiva monkey. 
 Believe this to be true….if you aren’t in the shade or in the water, your skin will go up in flames from the sun and your insides will melt from the dire humidity. 
So,  you have to sit in the pool or the gulf. 
 And then seek shade of a tree or umbrella. Take my advice…it’s free and honest. 
Would you believe that I ate shrimp and grits. Again? We might need to have an intervention soon. 
Our last night….we watched the day end. 
 Day is done….
 gone the sun.
 Your favorite couple. ever. The Coach had to work both of the days we were there, so he commuted the hour back and forth to his office. He’s cool like that. 
So we are DONE with traveling for the summer. Linds starts band camp {dance} next week and then school ensues for both.
I vote to make summer break about 6 months longer. Who’s with me?

18 thoughts on “Our Island Time

  1. Captiva looks absolutely beautiful in your photos, and I'm glad I could enjoy all that beauty without getting fried by the sun. I'm sorry school has pt an end to your summer travels — I've enjoyed tagging along.


  2. You all have had a fantastic summer for sure… Wow!!! BUT-it's been a quick one, hasn't it????I want to go to Sanibel sometime –since one can find great seashells there I hear.Great photos. I especially like the last one of you and Coach… awesome.Hugs,Betsy


  3. Captiva Island is one of those places I have looked at renting on for our Canadian March Break! It looks just as gorgeous as I thought it would!PS Not only would I vote for summer break to be 6 months longer, I would vote for every weakened to be a long weekend!


  4. I love the pic of you and Coach – – and the color of your pants!My thought is the shrimp and grits must be good for your sense of humor because it is evident in most of your posts!


  5. Just gorgeous! I am so jealous that you live so close to so many pretty places. Oh wait, I live close to….I got nothing. ; ) Looks like your trip was amazing, scalding sun aside. So glad you got to gobble the last little bit out of summer doing something super special. Love the pic of you and the hubster too. Sweeties, y'all are. : )


  6. I'm with you!Who should we talk to about making summer longer? I will put a call in at once.Whatever about the beer can. I know you let her drink like a fish. You can't fool me. You can throw jello on me, but you can not fool me!


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