Is it just me, or does it smell like worms in here?

In my effort to UP the game of my compost I ordered earth worms from a dealer. Did you know there were earth worm dealers? Not even on a street corner….they have websites!!!
I was so excited about this…and that is very weird on my part. I’m a full grown woman damnit.
But hey, worms do it for me.

On the same day a box also arrived from Soma with a new dress for me…guess which box I was MORE excited about??
Yep, worms!

And from the looks of this box…it’s been to heck and back. I actually worried about the health of my wigglers. 
Then again, once I opened the box….I couldn’t bring myself to open the actual bag of worms. 
{What? NO CAN?} My dealer of choice was none other than Uncle Jim’s worm farm. 
 I let the box/bag sit on my countertop until the Coach came home. What? I sanitized later….Coach gently (dropped) the worms with their packaging material into my compost. 
Seriously, they are gorgeous red wigglers.
Don’t tell me you’ve seen finer. 
And in the MORE IMPORTANT NEWS category, my Cuz Patrick is having a birthday tomorrow!!!
Everyone please say Happy Birthday to my Cuz Patrick.
He is going to be 31!!!!

Somehow he is catching UP to me.
Here he is with my Uncle Jim. NOT to be confused with the worm farmer Uncle Jim. 

Patrick reads my blog daily….and really…he hasn’t the time. This young man holds down TWO jobs!!

And a bonus for him this year is he is achieving a major level of independence. He is moving out from the prison cushy comfort of my Aunt and Uncles house into a better pad suited to a handsome young man. 

We couldn’t be happier OR prouder of him. 
Please take a moment and leave a nice note for my favorite cuz Patrick. 
{don’t tell my other cousins Chris, Will, Dan, Heather, Sean or Ian}
TGIF Ya’ll!!! Do something non-wormy this weekend.

19 thoughts on “Is it just me, or does it smell like worms in here?

  1. Happy Birthday Patrick! Hope you have a marvelous day filled with many wonderful surprises!Suz, I actually have a worm bin in my laundry room, so I totally understand how excited you were about the wigglers. 🙂


  2. UJ

    Happy Birthday!And you said \”Do you like my HAT?\” Yes! I like your Hat! Actually, I love it!!You definitely outshine that older looking dude in the pic with you. Son, I very proud of you!! Love Dad


  3. Trisha (AT)

    Happy Birthday Big Guy!! We are looking forward to spending YOUR day with you! We love you and are soooo proud of you on the move to your new digs!! AT (That's Mom to you, Patrick!)


  4. Happy Birthday, Patrick! Congratulations on moving out and starting a whole different adventure in your life. You can do it and you will be great at it! Don't let your Aunt Suz feed you any worms for your birthday. She has that devilish streak, you know! Diana


  5. Happy Birthday to Patrick. I hope he has a great one, and I'm sure he's going to enjoy his new bachelor pad. You didn't give him a bag of worms for his birthday, did you?


  6. Anonymous

    Happy birthday to your Patrick! I hope that you got him a gift for his cool new bachelor pad that does not come in a green bag from the other uncle Jim! 🙂


  7. Happy Birthday, Patrick! It sounds like you are giving yourself a great birthday present with a new place to live. I sure hope Suz gives you a better present than worms!! Be sure to tell us all about the party and send us some pics of your new home if you want.


  8. Patrick

    Thanks to everyone for the birthday greetings! I love my new bachelor pad and I'm having a great birthday so far! Breakfast at the Original Pancake House, church, batting cage and it is just 1:15!! Cuz Patrick


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