Reptiles, Big Birds and Dog Butts~Oh’ My!

Saturday morning the Coach and I loaded up the ol’ clunker with a change of clothes and a couple of mutts. 
Feel lucky that this is not a ‘smellovision’ blog because that breath right there would be the death of you.  
(Ozzie, not Coach!)
We drove until we reached my In-laws home at Lake Okeechobee.  My FIL Bill; you can also call him the canine magnet!
 My first bit of business was getting some exercise. I took the paddle boat out for a little spin. I must have went 40 miles yards. I was kinda tired. The parking of the paddle boat took longer than that actual 40 miles yards.  Turns out parking of a vehicle is not my only parking issue. 
The kids (ours + boyfriends) arrived later in the evening. Some people have to actually work on weekends. Sucks to be them. 
There was a lot of swinging going on….
And some reading too. 

How about a boat ride for Cocoa everyone? At this point, Ozzie opted to stay in the house with the a/c. He is as spoiled as I am. 

The crew!
We spotted an osprey. We went back and forth: Is it an eagle? Is it a hawk? An osprey? Finally Bill and I decided it was an osprey. I dare you to argue because Bill and I both watch animal planet. 

Cocoa had a moment of bravery and moved to the front of the yacht deck boat. 

Coach’s awesome Mom has a manatee mailbox. And YES, she changes out the decorations. SHE is awesome like that. {No manatee’s were injured in the making of this mailbox}
This is the neighborhood iguana. Do you see him on the seawall here? Bill and I got fairly close for this photo and then he jumped into the water. The iguana, not Bill. 
Before we knew it, the Coach and I had to depart. The kiddo’s left a few hours later. I insisted on a family photo…because I love insisting on stuff. We insisted Lolo stop fishing for a minute for this photo. 
Another great weekend under our belts….I love my people!!!
So tell me, did your weekend include dog photo bombs, huge birds, strange reptiles, unique mailboxes or wonderful people who you adore??

26 thoughts on “Reptiles, Big Birds and Dog Butts~Oh’ My!

  1. What a fun weekend! We spent ours with wonderful people, huge birds (do chickens count?), smelly dogs (Savvy just loves to roll in gross, disgusting things)but sadly no funky mailboxes or paddle boats. Cooked some yummy food and went to the movies though…


  2. Suz- Love Lake Okeechobee. The town used to have the best BBQ for miles around. Love your family and I hear you about parking those darned things. NOT easy to do. I think your hubby looks a lot like his Dad! Great looking family! xo Diana


  3. what a great family photo!!! not all the dogs made it in though 🙂 looks like it was a lot of fun to get away (even though you told me you were done going away!) coach's mom does a better job of manatee decorating that the manatee decorator in marco does 🙂 (I am NOT surprised!)


  4. Looks like a great way to spend a weekend! (Minus the working stuff!)Mine did not have dogs but included traveling to another country and water falls.


  5. I can see why you love those peeps – they are all so nice and cooperative. What a great way to stay cool, out for a boat ride on a lake. And that outdoor living room looks soooo comfy. Gregg wants something like that, but it will have to be in another state, because it gets too cold & wet to leave the furniture outdoors (for most of the year). Our deck chairs and picnic table have to spend the winter in the garage!Your photo-bombing dogs crack me up, as does that mailbox. A manatee? That wouldn't have occurred to me! Clever lady.


  6. It looks like you had great family fun! Ozzie actually showed more this time than butt but that dog does frequently have its backside to the camera, doesn't it? I saw the chocolate lab in the group of dogs. We used to have one. He was soooo sweet. Their outdoor room looks like a great place to congregate. How did you stay awake for the ride back? All that sunshine would have made me sleepy.


  7. Don't go adopting anyone else before you adopt me! Pushy people around here–sheesh.Your daughters' boyfriends look like they could be their siblings in that one picture. Look at them! They are two matching sets.I'm weird. This is why you should adopt me. Actually, to borrow your habit, I think I INSIST on it.


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