I know it is not politically correct, but I wish people came with labels.

Has anyone else watched the series Top Of The Lake? I had not heard of it until I saw Elisabeth Moss (Mad Men) on one of my favorite indulgences Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens on Bravo
Anyhoo’s the series peaked my interest;  mostly because I could watch the entire season at once. And since I seem to ONLY watch an entire series of shows now in lieu  of one a week, I searched for it on netflix.

It is a great series, very intense with some weird characters.  I’m a fan of weird.
I watched it over the course of a few weeks.

(I do most of my tv viewing while exercising, so I can justify it completely)

{being in the vicinity of my weights & bike IS exercising right?}

The funny thing about this show was that I had a hard time understanding the characters when they spoke. I kept saying to myself and out loud. 
I don’t get British-speak. Why do the English talk so darn funny?

My inner self replied: Because they are not from these parts!
My inner self is judgemental and kind of b*tchy.

I would have to rewind a few times each episode to try and figure out what the heck they were saying.

Then I noticed some of the characters kept mentioning to another:
“You should go back to Sydney.”
“Things are better for you in (and?) Sydney.”

Me thinking: Who the heck IS this Sydney character, I haven’t seen her!!
Then one day (after episode 5) I googled the show to get some information on it and realized they were not speaking British.

Wait for it.

They were in New {freakin’}  Zealand.
If you have seen any of this show, you can tell from the gorgeous views that it is NOT England.
Me? It took some time.

Not only did I have the wrong country, I was on the wrong flippin’ continent!


This reminded me of a little funny from a few years ago.
My friend Dawn and I were volunteering at a huge band function. We had a walkie-talkie and had to communicate with another parent that was located across the school to coordinate bands coming and going off the field.

I had a hard time understanding this man and I asked Dawn:
What country is he from?


Nope, you can’t get anything past me.


11 thoughts on “I know it is not politically correct, but I wish people came with labels.

  1. You crack me up! 🙂 My hubby refuses to watch any show where they speak British English – says he can't understand it and it ruins everything. ;-)At least you are in the vicinity of your weights and bike – I haven't done ANYTHING since summer break! First I got a stress fracture in my knee at the 1/2 marathon and now that's better, I hurt my back. Getting older sucks sometimes…


  2. I'm not familiar with this show, but I am glad to know that I'm not the only one who has problems with different English accents. But I guess that's a familiar problem. When my parents moved from Indiana to Tennessee many years ago, the children on the street where they lived referred to Mom as 'the woman who talks funny'.


  3. I do not even recall that bit of laughter… probably cuz we spent the whole time in fits of laughter {when we weren't trying to coral those marchers!} but OH this made me laugh… and think… jeez… I have no trouble understanding those peeps on downton abbey, what is her problem?!?!?! rewinding? surely she had to get off the treadmill for that… 🙂 see you Friday???? oh, and did linds give you my message? she better have, it cost me a hug 🙂 and, sweet of all sweet, she sided right up to eric for a hug, too!


  4. Anonymous

    You have me laughing out loud – yes, the cats are just looking at me!My mother could not see but could hear tv and she hated folks with accents. Funniest of all was when we would turn on the Gaither Gospel Hour, every time this one woman sang, mother would say, \”that man can't sing!\”


  5. Bwhaha Um, have you seen Honey Boo Boo. That entire family is from the good old USA and yet, their show KNOWS they require subtitle's. Hey, maybe you can enable the subtitle function for your show!


  6. HA HA —Accents are hard… Being from the south, I have always had a HUGE southern accent (ala Duck Dynasty)—-but when my sister-in-law (who was from CA) came to our hometown after my brother married her, she accused me of having an accent. I was a teen then –and was very offended when she said that to me. I said in my loudest southern accent: \”I don't have no accent\”….. (But—I DID… These days, I'm proud of it.)Hugs,Betsy


  7. LOL! As we always say at our house…he/she ain't from around here…in our very best Texas accent. Most certainly New Zealand ain't around here. ; ) But then again, compared to \”The South\”, neither is Rhode Island. 😀


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