What’s A~happenin’ Hot Stuff?

What movie is that from?

Linds attended her very last Homecoming dance last week. The end. My long time readers as well as my family knows that every.single.dance. has had dress drama. 

We buy a dress (or multiple dresses) and we return. Then do it again.

This time, we experienced a dress miracle.

We purchased this dress and did not return it.
Even better? It was on clearance…like super duper clearance.  
The hooker heels? I overpaid on those by 70 bucks. 
You win some $, you lose some $.

She had a great time and the shoes saw about 5 minutes worth of action.
If we break that down, it equates to 16 bucks a minute.

I think I’ve just found my new career: hooker shoe designer!

So, what’s A~Happenin’ Hot STUFF???


Is There A Cure For BS?

Remember my trip to Sarasota? 
Of course you do.

The Coach and I thoroughly enjoyed the Art Museum portion of the Ringling compound.

BUTT  I stopped when I saw this life-size busty sculpture of myself.
I mean this busty of myself. 
I don’t know what it is. 
But when I saw her I said: 
Hey, I don’t remember modeling for this!

The Coach said: I can see this will be on the blog. 

Then I walked around her backside and realized it wasn’t me after all. 
This woman was afflicted with NBS. 
{No Butt Syndrome}
I am afflicted with the opposite of NBS.
I have BS. 
This guy could not believe the conversation happening right in front of him. 
Plus, since he can only see the front side of my bust  likeness, he was bug eyed. 

Are you or your loved ones suffering from BS as well?
I suppose I could get out and work on my BS….I’ll think about it. 
Wishing you a great weekend…whether you have NBS or BS.