Ruling, Not Drooling.

Remember when I posted this a few months ago?
Sure you do…what else have you thought of?
Alas, I underestimated them.
It only took a few days and the culprit attacked. 
As you can tell, the Rooster is also surprised at the ingenuity and misspelling!

*tapping my head* What could I put on there that they would not mess with?
Oh, I’ve got a good one:

“You touch my chalk and you have dish duty for life”


Nahh….where is the fun in that?

10 thoughts on “Ruling, Not Drooling.

  1. You are puzzled while all along you have fostered creativity? Who sprayed that silly plate with chalk spray and then thinks the offspring won't be silly!Hey, just noticed the bluehost thingy thinks I am from Oakland…NOT!


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