Turning 56~

Our sweet Cocoa is 8!
Cocoa is a magical dog….she is so magical that she turned me from being a ‘cat’ person to a dog person. 


I know it’s not nice to rub it in your faces, but Cocoa is way smarter than your dog.
And she is also sweeter.
And just a little bit cuter too.

{I love it when I write something and actually LOL at myself. }
She is so nice, she doesn’t even mind if the cats try to get up in her business chair. 

She has our heart.
I swear, when I talk to her, she listens and tries SO hard to understand me.
Unlike the people in this house who can’t hear me.

She is so giving, she shares her chair with the Coach too. 

Seriously, she is ALL about that darn chair.

Eight years of unconditional love….endless devotion…endless joy and silliness.
In case you didn’t notice, she rules the house too. 
She forced me to take her for a ride on the golf cart.
She is a little bossy; no wonder we get along so well. 
Stay tuned. Someone else has a birthday this week and she is less than 56. 

14 thoughts on “Turning 56~

  1. oh my gosh the 2nd photo of cocoa sharing her chair with coach made me LOL 🙂 i guess putting up with YOU is easy compared to that 🙂 oh yes, someone is going to much less than 56!!! xoxo


  2. Happy Birthday to Cocoa….. Glad she is SO loved and gives so much love back to the family —even if they do get in her chair!!!!! haSO–the beautiful woman in the house has a birthday also?????? Hmmmm—I think you are probably celebrating ALL WEEK…. Hugs,Betsy


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