Oh~~To Be 45 Again!

Today my body turns 46.
My mind is already 50-something. Well, I take that back, some days my mind is 14. *Snicker*Snicker*
Here, lets recapture my first 45 years of birthday photos.
Wait, come back. I was just pulling your legs. ALL of them.

Here is the first birthday photo I could find. I shared my parties with my Brother Mark; Our birthdays were 7 days apart. 
I have absolutely NO recollection of this party. Perhaps I was 3? I put an arrow next to myself and my brother. My Dad is standing in the back, notice the big smile. He was always so freakin’ happy. My Aunt Debbie is there (she is only 8 years older than I) I recognize my neighbor John (He was my “I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours”) and my friend Kym is in front of me. Her mom is now my facebook friend; I love her! 
The rest? Perhaps kids who were wandering the ‘hood on this particular day and they smelled cake. 
Ok, here is the next birthday I could find. I might have been 4 or five?
Oh, wait. I didn’t mean to leave you hanging up there….our birthdays were 7 days AND four years apart. Don’t go thinking my Mom was some sort of super quick gestational type of creature. 
I arrowed myself and Mark…..and I’d love to know who took this photo. HELLO? Have you heard of composition?
The other people here…complete strangers!
I’m guessing I’m six here because I have 2 teeth in my head. 
Check out that “BIG JIM” camper. I guarantee you that I made that baby mine within a week. 
I only took “Big Jim” from Mark because he took my barbie dolls and baby dolls. {He cut all of their hair and applied nail polish to their faces for make up. The joys of having a gay brother!}
That perv John is here again….just waiting for me to turn 10!

So, the next year I put my foot down. 
Me: I want my own party. I don’t want to share my day with Mark!
 Yep. See me up there…surrounded by ALL my friends. 
 I’m just pulling your hair legs again. 
I had ONE friend. Which is shocking since those were the most hideous shoes ever produced. 
The next party I had was a surprise party (weekend) in NYC for my 40th.
Ok, there might have been a couple in the middle, but I don’t remember them and no one bothered to  take a photo; I hang with some lazy azz people. 

 Ok, I think that was enough fun for one day….I’m exhausted. 
Who knew memory lane was sooooo long!

I’m thanking you all in advance for the well wishes and prezzies!

23 thoughts on “Oh~~To Be 45 Again!

  1. Happy Birthday, you adorable person!!! You were a super pretty kid and kept good looks through life. Not every person does that. I guess that thought will be a good present for you today and every day! Don't you love the old pics?!! – – – and like you, if I'm not taking the picture, no one every knew I was there!


  2. Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you… (Just be glad you don't really have to listen to me sing!) I hope your day is as fabulous as you are and your people spoil you rotten!! My sister is 3 years and 5 days younger than I am and our birthdays are in September as well. Don't think we ever had combined birthday parties, but then again there are no (as in nada, zip, zilch) photos of any party whatsoever. And you thought your people were lazy…


  3. UJ

    Ah, but you will get to listen to us sing Happy Birthday to you a little later today! Well, actually you won't have to listen – you will most likely let it go to voice mail and just erase it without listening. That's okay – you know we love you and wish we were closer so we could hug you instead of singing! Have a wonderful day and a fabulous year!! Love you tons, AT & UJ


  4. was that big jim camper wrapped in Christmas tree paper?!?!?! you know i do not approve of using Christmas paper for birthday gifts!!! i love your birthday pics 🙂 i hope your peeps are going to surprise you tonight! or… you could surprise THEM and come to the band booster meeting with me? LOL xoxo


  5. Happy Birthday to you—you YOUNG THANG!!!!!!! Just wait til you are 71… Then you can REALLY CELEBRATE… By then you'll be an ole Grandma taking care of all of the grandchildren….. NO WAIT….. Even the grandchildren will be teenagers by then –so you will just be going to watch them play softball or go to their dance recitals—just like you have done for the past many years… What goes around comes around!!!!!! You'll just do it all over again! Love the old photos… Think one of my sons got one of those Big Jim trucks one year for his birthday….Have a fantastic day –and I'm sure those crazies you live with with SPOIL you rotten…Hugs,Betsy


  6. Anonymous

    HA! There may be a couple, and only a couple, of photos from my parties as a child since my birthday is in February and no one wanted to come to a party during an Iowa snow blizzard! It really sucked to be born in February. My sister was born in Sept. so she always got the parties… I don't like her very much… LOL JUST KIDDING!!!


  7. Happy 46th Birthday! I'm fast approacing #44 myself and I still feel 18. I look about 58 but at least I feel 18! ;)And that dress you are wearing to your solo birthday party? In kindergarten, I had a pair of shoes that looked almost like the dress! I'm going to assume that means were both great dressers, right?!


  8. I loved seeing your pictures! Since we're the same age, they look just like the pictures of my parties when I was little. Even the dining room chairs were the same! Also? I have a brother, Mark. And he & my cousins STILL call me \”Suz!\” I love that. Happy Birthday, chickadee!!! xoxoxo


  9. I love the story of you.I have loved it from the very start. From all of the hardship to all the joy.You are have a beautiful soul.I can hardly believe you are 47.That seems kind of crazy to me. You act like you are 22.True story.


  10. I hope your day was awesome in the extreme, and that flattering photos were taken. Show & Tell, please!Suz, you light up my life (cue the sappy song) and I am so thankful that you were born. Your mama did good work! God bless you this day, and every day! xoxox


  11. I took a bit of a blogging break. Or, my life hit a major \”WTF Is going on?\” panic attack… either way, I'm back and sad I'm a week late with your birthday wish! Happy, happy, happy extended birthday wishes! you were one darned cute kid!


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