Sarasota~ Take Two

So, besides visiting the Circus museum and getting pregnant we toured the home of John and Mable Ringling as well as his art Museum.
Aside from being a circus creating genius, John also had a passion for art. Not just collecting it, he really studied it SO he could collect it properly.
Make sense? Hell, I don’t usually.

Their home, the circus museum and the art museum reside on 66 acres…directly on the water. 

The house was built in the 1920’s. Mable oversaw every detail of the house. The house was named The House Of John, but the builders referred to it as Mable’s house. It was built in the style that they loved so much, Venetian Gothic. 

We were only able to see a portion of the lower level inside. Can you believe they let other people in besides us? We were not cool with that; too crowded.
The Chandelier was from the original Waldorf Astoria in NYC…’s so similar to the one over my kitchen table. 

As we walked out on their back porch we noticed the intricate tiling.
Yeah, I just called this a back porch!

The Coach looked down at the stone and pointed out each color for me as well as what they were:  Granite, marble, & onyx oh my.

He might have said something important to me as well, but I was distracted.

I was admiring the architecture, the scenery, the flooring while trying to listen to him and then I saw a little turtle bobbing in the water.

Guess what I shouted when I saw the cute turtle?!

 I shouted TURTLE!!!

What else would I have said??

18 thoughts on “Sarasota~ Take Two

  1. wow… that back porch is gorgeous! i love that coach was naming of the stone… your own personal rock tour! I really wish you could have gotten a little closer on the turtle… hee, hee!


  2. Hee Hee you crack me up . That house is wonderful to view and the grounds gorgeous . I got a little whiff of the movie Gatsby for some reason.Hey was that Leo Dicaprio walking on the top deck there ???


  3. Oh my golly! What a palace…imagine cleaning, cooling and heating that place! Although I guess that wasn't the circus folks' problem, was it? They were busy being shot from cannons – or finding others who were game to do it. Aiee, the lives of the 1%…So glad you got to see how they live and tell us about it!


  4. Wow….what a jaw dropping place. My porch looks sorta….or A LOT shabby compared to that. Your turtle reminds me of the ducks we saw swimming in DC in the reflecting pool. Here we are in one of THE most historic spots in the country and we're all \”lookie, DUCKS\”, and we took a bunch of pics of the ducks. Where's the turtle pics, hmmm?


  5. Had you yelled \”turtle\” twenty years ago, several people would have turned and said, \”you bet your sweet ass I'm a turtle!\” John's house was another of our \”must see\” things when we vacationed at Long Boat Key.


  6. Looks like a quaint little fixer upper. Sad not everyone can live as extravagantly as I do.I saw some dairy cows off the highway recently, and in some voice that has never emerged from my body before, SHRIEKED, \”Well, hellllloooo COW!\” (I was speaking–shrieking–at one in particular.) Joe still hasn't regained full hearing in his right ear.


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