What’s A~happenin’ Hot Stuff?

What movie is that from?

Linds attended her very last Homecoming dance last week. The end. My long time readers as well as my family knows that every.single.dance. has had dress drama. 

We buy a dress (or multiple dresses) and we return. Then do it again.

This time, we experienced a dress miracle.

We purchased this dress and did not return it.
Even better? It was on clearance…like super duper clearance.  
The hooker heels? I overpaid on those by 70 bucks. 
You win some $, you lose some $.

She had a great time and the shoes saw about 5 minutes worth of action.
If we break that down, it equates to 16 bucks a minute.

I think I’ve just found my new career: hooker shoe designer!

So, what’s A~Happenin’ Hot STUFF???


21 thoughts on “What’s A~happenin’ Hot Stuff?

  1. Suz, that line is how one of my best friends and I greet each other to this day! 🙂 Love the dress and the shoes. Don't think I could walk in them, but love them nonetheless. Hannah has her first homecoming dance this weekend and thankfully it wasn't too dramatic to buy a dress. Four stores and about 15 dresses tried on until we found \”the one\” isn't too bad, is it?


  2. She looks wonderfully beautiful and quite happy . Those are def some high heels ~ beautiful shoes .Yup show off the the fact that you have really cool shoes ~ then kick em off and dance ! ha ha


  3. 5 minutes, huh? I did hear that they had to take off their shoes so as not to ruin the gym floor! if only they had instructed them to come barefoot!!! I know… it wouldn't even have been that weird out by us 🙂


  4. oh, i wasn't thinking… i guess i need to make it blog-official that sweet linds does look beautiful!!!! and i love the no-dress drama!!! hoping that trend continues to prom!!! xoxo


  5. Hooray for the dress success! So the shoes + dress = balanced dance-budget? We went to a benefit this weekend, and apparently the memo was \”lace is IN.\” I got that part right. However, bandage-tight minidresses and hooker shoes are \”IN.\” But they are not IN on me and my crowd. (Our group laughed because, though we looked our 50-something best, the official photographer did not once point his lens in our direction; there were too many 20- and 30-somethings to shoot in their teeny-tiny skin-tight outfits!)


  6. Those shoes would make me over 6'….and they probably don't come in a size 10 anyways….bu I would love the for picture day tomorrow…can you imagine me in my class photo in those! Hot Stuff !Very cue photo…so sad….last Homecoming 😦


  7. Cute pictures and what a gorgeous young lady. Love her dress and shoes. BUT–I don't think I could walk 5 feet in those shoes… Yipes!!!!! That little couple look like they have a great time together.Hugs,Betsy


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