Tom Petty was right…The Waiting IS the hardest Part

 Cocoa, what are you staring at?
 Cocoa, I’m talking to YOU! What are you staring at?
 Oh, a squirrel?
 Cocoa, you know in all of your eight years on this earth, you’ve never caught a squirrel. 
You’ve never even got close to catching a squirrel. 
Finally~she heard something I said. But I think she still has hope. 
Dogs with hope…..they are sooooo darn patient. 

Do any of Tom Petty’s tunes get old? 
The correct answer is No.
Happy Hump Day…..I hope you don’t experience too much waiting today.

Last Minute might be my new middle name

Last week I was whining about doing Lindsay’s yearbook ad/page last minute and that apparently got the last minute ball rolling. 
Friday morning, I took a last minute 4 mile walk with a friend who I don’t see enough of. 
Saturday morning found me at the Buddy Walk {National Down Syndrome Society} with my friend Dawn.  I was so glad she texted me last minute on Friday night!!
Saturday afternoon found me running to the post office {last minute} to mail something and then dropping off expired Rx’s at the DEA sponsored “Operation Medicine Cabinet”
Saturday evening brought a last minute birthday dinner at our house for a good friend. {The Coach did most of the cooking} I thought it was going to be a quiet night with both girls gone, but we ended up with six guests; three of which spent the night. 
Sunday I attended a photography class, last minute of course!

All in all, aside from Mother nature wreaking havoc on my insides, it was a great weekend. Our weather is finally being tolerable. {Yay for less humidity in the air!}
And I just have to add, that the Buddy walk was SO much fun…BUT I really wish they would have given out  medals for the fastest walkers because Dawn and I would have gotten Gold AND Silver! 
No, we’re not competitive at all! 🙂
I’m just wishing someone would call me this morning {last minute} and say I can stay home today!