The One Where I Pull Off A Surprise~

Happy birthday to The Coach!!
For his birthday this year I planned a little get away surprise. I got my friend Kelly involved; her husband Don shares a birthday week with Coach.
Don and The Coach have been friends since Jesus was a small child. You know, like 40 years!
 They go together like peas and carrots. Or in our case, like wine and cheese. 
Did I ever tell you that Don and Kelly went on our honeymoon with us? Hey, it wasn’t like THAT!
But we do love each other more than a fat kid sugar addict loves cake. 
Anyhoo’s….Kelly and Don flew out from their town and we flew out from our town; we coincidentally met up in the baggage claim at the Charlotte NC airport.
They boys were clueless and that is how we like them. 

We had a great weekend in Asheville.
I’ll share some photos later, but right now I’ve got to get back to life….and I’m pooped. 
Did you know that having fun is exhausting? 
Hey, I know a photo opportunity when I see one. (fake unloading!)
Happy Monday my peeps and happy birthday to the best boyfriend ever!

21 thoughts on “The One Where I Pull Off A Surprise~

  1. Well look at that… We both have September birthdays and our hubby's have October birthdays. 😉 Asheville is such a beautiful place, I can't wait to see some of the pictures. I bet you all had a blast. 🙂 Happy Birthday to the Coach, hope it's the best one ever!!


  2. You all women did great with the surprise! Don't you just love men who are so clueless sometimes? When my husband turned fifty, we went to a restaurant where a bunch of friends met him. He thought it was neat that so many of us ended up there after church. He even missed their promotion sign out front that said, \”Happy 50th Birthday, Bill.\”


  3. Ahhhh—so glad you pulled off the surprise. You and Kelly must have been very very happy to do this… Can't wait to hear what all you did in Asheville. It's a neat neat city… Did you get to Biltmore? Grove Park Inn????? Blue Ridge Parkway?????? WHERE????? Inquiring minds want to know…Happy Birthday to your Sweetie….Hugs,Betsy


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