The In’s and Outs of the Inn

The Coach and I were B & B virgins prior to his surprise birthday trip. 
I booked our rooms at The Beaufort House B & B.
This was a great place for us to lose our B & B virginity….
It didn’t even hurt!
That was our room up there. Don and Kelly were right next door~~
Here is Kelly posing for me outside her door. 
 Our rooms were not INSIDE the main house. Actually, we were in the basement if you want to know the truth.  But if you are staying in a B & B and they put you in the basement, they refer to it as “terrace” rooms. Ok, it wasn’t a basement, but I love to play the pity card. 
This is a view of our rooms from the outside….you can see that Don is in there laying on MY bed.  He and the Coach were watching some sort of auto auction, plotting on what to buy next. 
Our rooms were quite nice. Although, I would warn anyone older than me…Or even ME to avoid these rooms next time because the bathtub/shower combo was dangerous.
It was hard to climb in and out, and I consider myself to be fairly agile; I can still do a cartwheel/roundoff as well as walk a straight line while bossing people around.
Yes, I’m bragging. 
Can you believe I took a photo of the bathroom with the toilet seat UP? Me neither. 
We did have a cute little fireplace in there too; quaint and warm. 
BUT the step next to the {again} Open toilet makes for a good squatting spot to open some wine.
Yeah, we are classy like that!

The breakfasts were divine. The hosts of the house were fabulous; Chris and Jim plus one employee {Erin} running it all. (11 rooms)
By the end of it the Coach, Don and Jim were the best of friends. They bonded over micro-brewed beer. You know how men are….
One evening while we were heading out for dinner I spotted some eyes peeking at me from one of the cottages behind our ‘terrace’ rooms. 
Erin lives back here with Merry and Clive. Aren’t they so cute? She told me it must have been their dinner time when I captured this; hoping I was going to feed them. 
So, do you B & B when you travel? 
I  guarantee we will do it again. We’d actually stay here again if we get back to Asheville. 
The rooms in the main part of the house are just awesome too….with clawfoot tubs. 

I’m going to start planning my next get away as soon as I’m unpacked from this one.

16 thoughts on “The In’s and Outs of the Inn”

  1. I've yet to loose my B&B virginity… Always wanted to stay at a B&B, but with two little ones in tow it just wasn't practical. Now that they are getting older though, I believe it's in my cards. 😉 The place you stayed at looks very, very nice. How was Ashville?


  2. I never have. : ) Thank you for sharing your wondrous experience. The kitty cat's eyes are the cutest!I laughed out loud about the advantage of the bathroom having that little step : ). (The wine perch. Brilliant!)


  3. I would have no problem getting into that tub. I know I would trip over that step and catapult myself head first into the tub……easy entrance!I have never been to a B&B. I envy you now…yes I do.


  4. We've never stayed at a B&B. When we go to Charleston, we stay at different Inns but they aren't quite the same since the owner isn't residing on the property. I just don't think I would enjoy having to make small talk with the owners. Isn't that horribly unsocial of me???


  5. We have B&B'd in the past…and found some fun, wonderful places, as well as some \”kitschy,\” no-repeat places. If you're planning a trip to Canada, I have THE BEST place for you…but save up! (We used to stay there every year until they expanded both the inn and the prices). It's worth it, at least once. Well done for your surprise, first time!


  6. Ooh, I love Asheville. I hope you went to the Grove Park Inn and had a fancy cocktail out on the veranda. We've stayed at a few B&Bs. I learned the hard way to look very closely at the size of the bed. You only have to book a room with a double bed when you are used to sleeping in a king size one time to know that is a bad idea. Glad you had a great trip!


  7. Sometimes we do stay at a B&B and sometimes at a standard hotel. It all depends on what we are doing. While I do love the ambience of most B&Bs, there's a lot to be said about the amenities in a good hotel.So, if I get this right…the guys get the bedroom and big TV and the girls get the bathroom? Oh, and the wine. Fair tradeoff.


  8. I have never stayed at a B&B, but I did get free tour of my blogger friend Rebecca's new one yesterday in Buchanan, VA. AWESOME!!


  9. Looks like you all enjoyed your B&B…. We are not B&B people (too private for that)—but one of my best friends and hubby LOVE them… They love meeting all of the people… George and I just love being with each other… ha ha ….. We are Holiday Inn Express people!!!!! They have good breakfasts also……. Glad you loved it…. Can't wait to hear about what else you all did.Hugs,Betsy


  10. It looks as if you picked a great B&B for your first time — the rooms look as if they are really neat. I hope you do make it back to Asheville again — and let us know when you're coming so we can meet you and Coach in person.


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