….Of Course We Visited The Biltmore Estate

It’s not that there isn’t a plethora of things to do in Asheville, but visiting the Biltmore Estate seems to be a must-do. 
It’s pretty janky by my standards. I’m pulling your leg hairs…I haven’t had standards since 2002.

If you visit the house I’d advise you to do the ‘audio’ tour. Or else, you’ll walk around clueless and just make up stuff about each room. Wait, that is usually my style.   
The house tour was fantastic; so much to see and learn about the Vanderbilt family. 
43 bathrooms.
4 freakin’ 3.
Can you imagine the amount of toilet paper to keep all the roller do-hickeys full?

No photography was allowed inside the house, but we captured a moment on the terrace though.
Did I say terrace? I meant back porch.

And as hard as I looked, I could not find anyone wearing Gloria Vanderbilt jeans. 
It would have been super cool to see Anderson Cooper WEARING Gloria Vanderbilt jeans.
Actually, that would have made my day. 
The gardens here are just as famous as the house; lovely! 

The coach….he’s so easy….it was his birthday trip and he acted like he enjoyed the gardens.
Ok, maybe he enjoyed them a little bit.

But after this I declared that he do something manly; such as fart in public or wrestle a bear.

Instead, we sent Don and Coach for a little fly fishing on the property. 
After our tour we had a little lunch and perhaps bellied up to a bar for some vino…someone has to do it. 
If you get the chance, you should visit the Biltmore Estate; and do it before you’re 70 because there are a lot of stairs. 

TGIF my people!

24 thoughts on “….Of Course We Visited The Biltmore Estate

  1. We went to Biltmore a few years ago and I loved it! The things a ton of money can buy… 😉 It was gorgeous though and I really enjoyed the gardens. We went there during the summer and they looked so different from when you went. Wonder what they look like in the winter and what the house looks like decorated for the holidays. That must be a sight!


  2. Anonymous

    Great photo of you and Coach on the \”back porch.\” John and I visited Biltmore on our honeymoon 21 years ago. Looks like the weather was perfect for your visit. Love the blue, blue sky! Happy Weekend!


  3. What fascinated me the most about the Biltmore was the basement where the kitchen and laundry were located. They had innovations \”ahead of their time\”. If you like reading, pick up a copy of \”Maid to Match\” by Deanne Gist. It is an historical romance set at the Biltmore. There is a lot of interesting background and social interaction with out of town guests. She is an excellent author – – – page turning novels based on facts but with fictional characters. (Go to the last page and she explains what is real and what is not.)


  4. Lynda, I meant to mention how interesting the basement was. I was intrigued mostly by the laundry room. LOL!!! They were ahead of their time. Since I started watching Downton Abbey I felt like I understood the hierarchy of the worker bee's at the Estate too.


  5. I love the Biltmore. Did you see the awesome flute player (fawn) statue in the garden and think of me??? What??? You don't think of me on all of your nice trips? 🙂 If memory serves, the wine there is pretty good too. Anderson Cooper in any kind of pants would work for me.


  6. That place is ginormous! I can' t imagine the toilet paper fiasco. My one daughter has six bathrooms and it means a trip to Costco every other day….no kidding.I love the gardens. Those flowers must attract a lot of Beez! Or at least one cute and sassy one 🙂


  7. We went to the Biltmore when we visited Tennessee…it was a nice day trip for us. That whole house is pretty jaw dropping…or gaudy…whatever you want to call it. Wouldn't want to be the maid in charge of cleaning all those loos. She'd have her head in a potty all the stinkin' day long. LOL We loved our trip there. It's so gorgeous. Loved the gardens. Looks like you had great weather too.


  8. that photo of you & coach is gorgeous!!!! cam & laura visited on one of their gran + granddad trips… they loved it… someday i'll go!!! (but seriously? no Gloria Vanderbilt jeans? were YOU wearing yours?!)


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