What Store Did I Just Walk Into?

A few weeks ago I had to send a very important banking document out of state and I needed to make sure it got there quickly and with confirmation.
I looked online for my closest authorized Fed Ex shipper. I briefly looked at the map I found on their site and realized it was just down the street in a Publix plaza.
 This plaza has been standing as long as we’ve lived here and it dawned on me that I’ve used this shipper years ago.
(In general, I use the post office for all mailings)
I hopped in my car, drove to the plaza and strutted my stuff in; happy to have this ordeal done with.
I looked up at the sign over the counter and it said:
The UPS Store.

Me thinking: Huh? I swear this was the Fed Ex location on the website.
{picture me thinking very very hard at this moment and realizing that I didn’t look at the address of the Fed Ex location, just the street name}
The young man behind the counter said Hi and asked if he could help me.
And here is where I asked the stupidest question I could have asked:
Can I send something via Fed Ex from here?
As soon as I said it, I could almost read his mind. Surely you could too:
“Girl, can you READ? THIS IS THE UPS store!!!
Of course, he was too polite to state the obvious.
And yes, I sent my very important document via UPS ground. It was after all a matter of convenience at this point….and a bit of humiliation too.

It was one of “those” days.

12 thoughts on “What Store Did I Just Walk Into?

  1. Anonymous

    Thank you for the giggles!!! Our older neighbor man who had the stroke has a twin brother in a northern state and I said something stupid like \”oh, so that's his birthday too!\”


  2. We have a generic mail joint right by the grocery store. I think they do more than one carrier. So that's what I do. I avoid our post office if at all possible. I can even ship something USPS from there so score. ! Love love love the cartoon….makes my little Texas heart giggle! : )


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