Mo blog, mo problems.

I’m throwing this out there hoping that someone smarter than I can help me.
I’ve had issues the last year with my posts showing up.
I hit publish, and my post will publish but it won’t show up on blogger feeds. (The dashboard)
I found that if I set up posts to post to a scheduled time, they would….but only they would post hours after the set time.
Which is fine, so I would set them for 6:00 am and they’d show up around 9:15am, just like a bad employee.
I’ve tried to adjust everything in my settings to rectify this. My next step is to poke someone in the eye with a spoon. Maybe even a grapefruit spoon. 
I know. Violence doesn’t solve problems but it does feel good at the time.
So I guess my real question is this: 
If someone posts a blog and NO ONE reads it, did they really post it?

They eventually show up on Bloglovin’ but not everyone uses that yet.
{BTW: how do you know when someone has posted something new?
What feed do you use?}
This was missed by most humans and one alien: My most recent blonde moment
For the life of him, Ozzie can’t figure out why this frustrates me.
He works out his frustrations by licking his crotch area…I’m not that talented.
Anyone else suffer from the non-posting of posts?

Should I seek medical help for my non-post traumatic stress? Hmmmm….I wonder if my insurance would cover that. 

20 thoughts on “Mo blog, mo problems.

  1. Anonymous

    I've had this problem for years. I hit publish, but it is hours before it shows up on blogger reader. Sometimes, if I edit and re-publish several times, it shows up sooner on blogger reader! I use bloglovin and google reader. I also sign up to follow many blogs by email so I won't miss a thing!


  2. It has to be a blogger problem. Sometimes mine appear two minutes later and sometimes it's hours. I don't have an answer. I do have email notification from bloglovin'. I mainly read from my blogger dashboard, though. If you find out the solution, please pass it along.


  3. No answer here. Maybe you have your blog set at PDT instead of EDT. Either way, by the time I get up everyone's blogs are published and my coffee is brewed. I am truly blessed.


  4. Hee Hee Hee . Sorry I was laughing at the funny part.Now for the frustrating part ~ have had some of that myself lately as you know and my boxer was bewildered to.It seems a lot of us are on the California based Google base even if we have the time set to our own State, not sure it that has anything to do with it, check the time difference and see if it coincides with California time ??I can never really figure out the techno weirdie stuff !!


  5. Heather Feather

    kind like does a bear shit in the woods? good question. People smart than us may be able to answer. would this be consider an conundrum? again …smart people must reply


  6. Well, you know I asked for help the other day. I thought at first it was my computer settings but it was not that. It is something to do with the inner workings of Blog World. I wish they could get this straightened out and leave it alone. Blogloving doesn't even show the post until the next day (or late at night)-when I have already moved on to my next day's post/drama. It is irritating. I don't use Blogloving as a reader at all. I read from my sidebar almost exclusively. I am as frustrated as you are-especially after spending HOURS working on the computer thinking it was MY settings/fault. There are days when you wonder if it is really even worth doing this blog thing. Guess I took my Bad Attitude Pill this morning too early Should have waited till later so the full effect would take hold just as MyHero gets home from work. lol ! xo Diana


  7. i've had this happen to me – and to blogs i follow. i will see them appear on my sidebar but won't show a post from them in my reader (i use feedly). and it happens now and again but then seems to rectify itself. i don't think it is something we can control on our end as the feed just bottlenecks or something. i believe it is a glitch in blogger or google land.


  8. Ha! No problem publishing….problem with gadgets that won't update and save….and when I comment to blogger they are all….we can't answer everyone's questions but we sure do thank you for contacting us!To see new posts I add blogs to my list and then when I hit the B in the top left corner I can see all the blogs I follow that have recently posted…that way I don't have to visit all my fav's just to find out they don't have a new post up.Happy Hump Day!


  9. thanks for the diagnosis Suz. I realize that I'm suffering from non-post traumatic stress too. Could it be because I haven't posted tho' or are they just disappearing into the Bermuda triangle after I posted 'em? strange. 😀


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