The waiting and wishing.

I might have mentioned that Linds is going to leave me us this summer. 
She has applied to two Florida colleges.

She has already been accepted to her second fiddle college a few weeks ago.
Now we wait for the dream school to get their act together.

Second fiddle school accepting her means no air-conditioning/refrigeration school.
Which means I’ll always overpay for appliance repairs.

This past week I had the pleasure of putting together her senior ad for the yearbook…with none other than Linds. (she is one of the yearbook putter-togetherers)

I had to gather photos and write some nice words. I’m sure when I did this for LoLo I had it together weeks ahead of time.
This time? Not so much. I got photos and words together 30 minutes before my scheduled time.
I might have even cussed trying to save photos onto a cd….knowing full well had I done this ahead of time, the cussing would have been minimal.
But where is the fun in minimal cussing?
If I had a third child, that child would get nothing I’m sure. 
“Yearbook? Suzanne Jr, you don’t need a fancy smancy yearbook; all your memories are in your heart honey.” 
Next week is senior night for dance/band. 
Please don’t let me forget this.  
I can’t help but see this face when I think of all these big plans:
She saw this photo and declared she had Miley hair. 
But her hairdo is the only Miley thing about her. 

Our weekend will be filled with dancing, softball, weeding, working and maybe a little rest.
How about you?

19 thoughts on “The waiting and wishing.

  1. I'll keep my fingers crossed, that the #1 college gets it's act together and Linds will get to go to the school of her dreams. With AC of course. 🙂 Sweet picture of you two, time sure does fly…Our weekend plans include helping at a pancake breakfast fundraiser, babysitting for one of the girls, volleyball practice, and a bike ride on Sunday. I'll also have to squeeze some yard work in there…


  2. Anonymous

    Your Miley photo rocks! Now just keep that tongue in your mouth, cuz it's sooo obnoxious looking. Good luck on the 'dream college', not only for your happiness, but for your mama's as well. Senior ad?? What they hey is a 'senior ad'? Showing my old age here.


  3. Anonymous

    Wishing and crossing fingers for the dream school! Love the photo of you two.I am the poor, pitiful, forgotten 3rd child – woe is me!!!! LOLBrother and sis wanted a Chihuahua instead of me!


  4. She is (and you are) adorable! So I gather there will be no surprises for her in the senior yearbook ad, since she's on the staff? David didn't want any of that sort of thing (BOYS!) – so his memories are like your 3rd child's (love that – Suzanne Jr.). You are lucky, though a little rushed, because that yearbook WILL be a wonderful keepsake.


  5. my goodness you write the most sweet and upbeat posts 🙂 this weekend???? FINALLY gonna see GOOD WILL HUNTING… I think my wife has a wee crush on Matt Damon which I will excuse because she knows I have a weee crush on the radio DJ with the Scottish accent 😉


  6. How did this child get grown up so quickly? Even since I have been following you!!! Yup – – we had second child syndrome with pictures, etc. in our house, too. They are lucky there was any time to take them. I am waiting for my second child to have her second child and see if she does better than I did. She will make a valiant effort for sure.


  7. Hi There, Hope Linds gets to go to the college of her choice… Your life (and Coach's) will change soon when both girls are gone out on their own. It's never easy to 'allow' them to grow up and flourish on their own–but they will both be great. AND–someday you will be experiencing weddings and then grandchildren. How' bout that???? Life goes on!!!!Hope you had a good week. We have been in Kentucky with friends… Had a fantastic time although it was COLD there.Hugs,Betsy


  8. Can't believe she'd even consider going to a college in Florida with no AC. But, I guess it's not that hot in the winter. Will you be an empty nester? At least she'll be in FL and be able to come home often.


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