Tom Petty was right…The Waiting IS the hardest Part

 Cocoa, what are you staring at?
 Cocoa, I’m talking to YOU! What are you staring at?
 Oh, a squirrel?
 Cocoa, you know in all of your eight years on this earth, you’ve never caught a squirrel. 
You’ve never even got close to catching a squirrel. 
Finally~she heard something I said. But I think she still has hope. 
Dogs with hope…..they are sooooo darn patient. 

Do any of Tom Petty’s tunes get old? 
The correct answer is No.
Happy Hump Day…..I hope you don’t experience too much waiting today.

21 thoughts on “Tom Petty was right…The Waiting IS the hardest Part

  1. so cute. looks like a scene from my place – although in their younger days, mine have caught a few squirrels. and raccoons, possums, skunks, rats, birds, and the list goes on. they're still catching a lot of mice and rats so i'm grateful.


  2. Dixie never got a squirrel either….until she was old enough that she could hardly move from arthritis. One day that arthritis magically disappeared and she got it. I'm thinking the squirrel had arthritis too but we didn't tell Dixie that 🙂


  3. Ha, ha, Cocoa sure is patient. I love the photo of her looking at you, as if wondering why you aren't interesting in watching the squirrel. What, are you crazy? The minute you look away, that squirrels going to come down and flag its bushy tail right in front of us.


  4. I love that look she is giving you – so glad you captured that moment. You broke her concentration, though – she was probably putting a Halloween spell on that squirrel to make it fall asleep and fall out of the tree, and into her mouth. 😉


  5. Darn squirrels…. my dog finally cornered one…I always wondered what would happen…once it was cornered he just turned and ran off! It's all in the chase!


  6. Anonymous

    The fun is in the planning, hoping and waiting. And the chase of course. Then taking a long nap and dreaming that you DID catch the squirrel.


  7. I love it! A cute little wait-er. : ) We had a poodle growing up that would run right past the tree when she saw a squirrel run up one. Not the smartest poodle in the pod, that's for sure. : )


  8. Dear Suz, I (and everyone in the US except Arizona) has an extra hour today, so I'm spending it, very enjoyably, catching up on your blog, which I've neglected because, well, because, well, because non-bloggin' life got in the way! Linds going to college (happy, stressful, memory lane time)…mine is in her first semester at Mississippi State, close enough to come home on a weekend (I can get thru a week, even 2 without her, right now, thank heavens for txting!). She's lovin' college SO much! Good luck to Linds at getting her first choice college to wake up and let her know…now THERE'S a waiting game that Cocoa could give points about!Oh, dear, my hour is almost up…tomorrow I'll set the clock back 2 hours (that's allowed in this game, isn't it?)!! hugs, Elizabeth in Mississippi


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