The masked intruder

Well, I have a confession.
It wasn’t our cats breaking out. IT was a critter breaking in.

This came to a head Saturday morning around 4:45 am. {My favorite time to wake up!!!}

I had placed a few plastic tables on the ground in front of the new cat door broken screen door.

I jumped out of bed when I heard something pushing on those plastic tables.
I turned off the house alarm….I saw Cocoa staring out the dining room doors, I flipped on the lights and opened the door.


I found a raccoon on the countertop eating the cat food and his buddy coming in for a helping as well.
{Where is Granny Clampit when I need her?}

The Coach came running at my shouting; thank goodness he was home.

Guess what? My cats didn’t care. They sat/layed there and watched the whole thing.
The coach and I got the cats in and the raccoon eventually checked out of our Inn. 
Geeze. It’s always something around here with animals. 
I relayed the story to Linds the next morning; all the details and about how it freaked me out.

She had only one question: 
Well, was the raccoon cute?
Me: Cutest raccoon ever!

Don’t fret….we are taking steps so this Does NOT happen again.
The Busy Bee Felines are safe and sound.

I just wish the intruders weren’t so cute; it makes it hard for me to stay mad for long.

Any intruders on your weekend?

Happy Veterans Day to all the Hero’s in our world!

18 thoughts on “The masked intruder

  1. Oh I know, from a safe distance they are totally cute, and I know some people who have the babies (KITS!) who have been orphaned and they can be sweet and fun little guys. But not older wilder ones, obviously, and last year, midday, we had a seemingly drunk one come across the yard and it may have been rabies or something, and I was very glad we have a fence to keep our dog IN so she didn't run after it…


  2. hah — we had visitors couple summers ago in our garage attic . . it became our evening entertainment to see if hubby could take care of rocky (yes, we named him) . well rocky laughed at the pellet that grazed him – next step live trap (cat food was best bait!) – \”he\” took the bait (and was so big filled the trap, though not very happy when garage door opened and sun shinning in his face) . . had local \”wild animal expert\” came and took \”him\” to a far far away place (at least I like to believe it) . . well turns out rocky was actually a rockette and two babies (let's just say they didnt last long – details not needed) . . couple weeks later had a couple \”teens\” cruising our hood so out came the trap again — this time hubby released it far far away . . no more visitors for a while until Friday night about 11pm saw one crawling up the ladder as we came home (glad he wasnt there last weekend when i was putting summer stuff away for winter)


  3. Stop the truck right this second! You had a raccoon break in! WHAT? That is craziness! I am glad all the other creatures remained unscathed during the break in. Speaking of early risings, that is just about the time that I got up this morning too. Kaish is super sick. I think it is the flu. He told me he couldn't sleep in his bed because it was uncomfortable so he wanted to sleep on my bed. His bed IS uncomfortable. At first I stayed in the room with him and Gary but they were both snoring so loudly I had to escape. I escaped to Kaishon's lumpy bed. I have to buy him a new mattress immediately. I feel terrible for never noticing before. Ay Caramba.Happy Monday. I hope no more break ins occur in your neck of the woods this week.


  4. Oh my word! That kind of stuff freaks me out. You expect masked intruders when CAMPING but I hardly call your lanai 'camping'. More like glamping. You've got some chic 'coons there! ; )


  5. Thank goodness we didn't have any intruders. But your raccoons do sound cute. maybe you should just put the cat food outside so they can feast without breaking into the house!


  6. Raccoons are very smart –and if there is food nearby–they can get to it. Good Luck keeping them out…. We have to put our bird food up every night –or else they'd steal the entire containers…. AND–they've even tried to 'bite' through the heavy plastic container. Luckily, they can't do that!!!! GADS!Good Luck.Hugs,Betsy


  7. Anonymous

    I guess you owe those old bad kitty cats an apology!!! LOLThis story reminds me of the commercial about the woman who calls out into the dark yard \”here kitty kitty\” and in comes a raccoon!!! (she's not wearing her glasses and does not know the difference!)


  8. Have the cats said any \”I told you so\” or \”whatever happened to 'innocent until proven guilty?' \”sassy-type of things to you? (I hope not.) We have raccoons around here, and you are lucky that they didn't get into more mischief! Good ears, Suz – you saved the day!


  9. I hate those raccoons! We can't have a doggie door any longer because those critters came in, went upstairs and ate all of BIGfoot's powdered sugar donuts off the counter…and dragging them all the way across the room to wash them in the water dish….leaving little raccoon handprints all over the floor…all the while being watched by the dog and 2 cats who knew better than to interrupt critters with extra long, sharp claws!So sorry they got a lift to FL to break into your place 🙂


  10. Anonymous

    Did you count the cats? Could have been one of yours in disguise. I will have my 'carry permit' with me Thanksgiving! Do I need a scatter gun as well? UJ


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