Ying & Yang….delivering joy.

When I catch a glimpse of this, it makes my heart smile!
I just love that they LOVE each other….I wish all critters had a soft place to land and someone who treats them kindly.
Actually, I wish that for all humans too. Imagine what a better world this would be!
And now, he brings so much joy to our life. 
And who says felines and canines don’t meld?
Do you see the joy?
Simple joy. Bliss. Love. 
Happy humpday my people. 
Suz and her critters 

18 thoughts on “Ying & Yang….delivering joy.”

  1. Such adorable photos of your babies. It's amazes me how the pets who have suffered the most seem to give the most love/devotion. Glad you all have one another!


  2. The dog and cat cuddle is so sweet. I do think pets who were without an owner at one time seem to thrive and become extra loving when they have a good home.


  3. I do love it when pets show affection for one another. Our boxers are the same way and snuggle up together often, although there are times when Isabelle likes to be alone and heads to the sofa in the basement where life is a bit quieter. No kitties in this house so not sure if they would be friends or not.


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