The little things and a big thing or two.

Last Saturday the Coach and I made a quick jaunt to the East Coast….Coach’s Mom and step-dad have sold their home!
We are very happy for them, this brings them into the next chapter of life: Retirement! They’ve lived in this house for 40 years; this is where Coach lived for most of his childhood.
We ‘dated’ at this house. We’ve enjoyed countless birthday parties, celebrations and some sorrow here….mostly good stuff though. 
Anyhoo…they are dispersing a lot of furnishings; big and small.

Sometimes the small things have the most meaning. Right?
This MUG.

This mug has been around forever; a gift from the Coach to Sue & Bill back in the 80’s.
Whenever the Coach and I spend the night, we always want this for our hot cup of joe in the morning.
Sadly for me, he usually beats me to the hot cup of joe.
{I’m the night owl, not the morning owl}
Who doesn’t love The Far Side? This scene is hilarious…..if you don’t laugh, we can’t be friends.

I’m hiding this in our house, that way I can use it whenever I wake up. Don’t tell the Coach.

Coach’s sweet Mom saved this jacket for him. Surely she never thought he would grow out of it.

 And really…..he’s hardly grown since 1979!!!

Oh, I love that he put it on for me… about a super model.

We also acquired some big things and I know you’ll fall down from the excitement.
Lucky for you, you have a few more days before your fall-over happens.

Three of my people arrive tomorrow. (prayers for safe travels!)
Five of my people arrive on Wednesday. (prayers for them too!)

We have a full week of family fun. Or family. Or Fun. Ok, perhaps it will be both FAMILY and FUN.
This is the holiday for me to see my people. I love it! They exhaust me, but in a good way.


17 thoughts on “The little things and a big thing or two.

  1. Those big moves are sweet and nostalgic at the same time. I'm so glad she was thoughtful and sentimental, saving special items for you to carry on into the next generation. And I LOVE The Far Side, so we can still be friends. (What about Kliban and his cats? Did you like his cartoons?)Have a wonderful time with your peeps. When peeps gather, it is just the best (even better if your peeps bring Marshmallow Peeps)!


  2. Anonymous

    Happy Retirement to them.I love the mug and the jacket….especially that Coach would model for you!Happy and safe Thanksgiving to a sweet family.


  3. LOVE that jacket and that he put it on. And yeah, the Far Side rocks hard. hope your holidays are WONDERFUL like you. We? Are hiding out and not telling anyone seeing as we have no walls in our kitchen yet. I'm thinking champagne in bed all day. Yep. New thanksgiving tradition (oh and no family or kids will be here, so that won't be weird or anything – whew)


  4. Ah the memories you and Coach must have had in that house. Glad you made it there one more time before his parents move. Are they moving to a place like the Villages????? Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with family… I know that you will. Safe travels for all.Hugs,Betsy


  5. Aw, I hope the transition goes smoothly for your in-laws. How sweet that your MIL saved Coach's jacket. He's a trooper for modeling it for you. =)Is my room ready yet? What time is dinner? ;-)xoxox


  6. Girl.I'm sorry.This is hard core memory stuff.Letting go of places is hard.No matter what's coming, it's hard to close out the chapter of memories.Sending you a big hug.


  7. oh he is a SUPER model!!!! as soon as I saw the jacket I was hoping HOPING that he would put it on!!!! and letting you share it (shhhhh!!!) is priceless! so happy for the retired peeps! what fun to look forward to!


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