As I was saying last week….my in-laws sold their full time home and were dispersing furnishings.

We were given their four poster bed to use in our guest room; I was ‘uber excited about this!

Here is my super de-duper FIL Bill taking it apart at their home last Saturday:

 Here it is the next day in our guest room. 
Do you remember when I redid the guest room…..wall paint and I painted all the furniture?
That was in March, and I knew then that this bed would be coming to live with us eventually.
I asked if I could paint it. My MIL said: Once it’s in your house, you can do whatever you like with it. 
Oh, and if you’re wondering where the bed went that was in here….well the obvious answer is we moved it to THE CRAFT/OFFICE/LAUNDRY ROOM!! 

I think it’s only for the Thanksgiving holiday; the girls will be shacking up in here.

But, really…how nice to nap in between loads of laundry; think of the convenience!
 Hell, if we add a toilet, I could live in here!
I’m not about the pine anymore…sorry you pine lovers.
I’ve had a hankering to try chalk paint forever….so I pulled the trigger! Don’t worry, I didn’t shoot anyone with paint. 
I’m so in love…..I might just take turns on what room to sleep in during the week!

If I don’t ‘talk’ to you this week, have a fabulous Thanksgiving. 

And remember, chew your food with your mouth closed on Thursday….don’t be ‘that’ person!
 I’m thankful for YOU!

16 thoughts on “Ch-Cha-cha….Changes

  1. Well, seeing as your craft room is bigger than my entire house, I think I could live in there quite comfortably! Thanks for making my room so pretty!!I'll be there Thursday with Taffy Apple Salad, and Tums. 😉


  2. I love it. I don't know what chalk paint even is. I have heard everyone and their brother use chalkboard paint but I haven't heard of chalk. I wish I was cooler. I am going to google it now.


  3. no wonder you couldn't eat!!! you were painting!!!! I would have helped… or rested on the bed while you painted? that might have been more realistic 🙂 haha!!! so glad the bed has finally arrived!!!!! as for the craft room…the bed fits… so maybe you can keep it there!!


  4. I love the new bed…have been dying to try chalk paint. You'll have to tell us what you thought of the process. Can I move into your laundry/craft room? It's bigger than my kitchen. LOL The bed could come in handy for late night folding sessions. Or scrap booking. Have a great Turkey Day, my friend! : )


  5. I'm still speechless over the craft/office/laundry room and greeeeen with envy. I haven't seen so much space in one place…ever. Wow. And i have never heard of chalk paint. No one really lets me paint anything. because when I do paint gets everywhere except where it's supposed to. HEY I know, I can go live in your house and you can redo mine!! IT NEEDS YOU. Happy Thanksgiving!


  6. i love the re-do! i used chalk paint on my living room tables…it's so easy to paint with…i want to do my mom's old maple hutch with it but it's still sitting in the basement for one of those days! have a happy thanksgiving!


  7. 1st off: Was your FIL like, 10 when he had your husband??? Oh my goodness, he looks too young to have a son with young adult daughters!2nd: LOVE what you did with the bed! It looks great!


  8. Oh, that guest room has such a peaceful atmosphere! I was holding my breath when you said you were going to paint the beautiful wooden bed frame, but you were right – it looks sooo good! Your laundry room deserves a new name. It's clearly a multi-purpose room. The Chameleon Chamber?


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